Properties of Elemental Groups

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Properties of the groups on the Periodic Table. To best use this study tool, use the game SCATTER or the flashcards to review the information

Noble Gases

The outer shell is holding all the electrons that can fit

Noble Gases

Used to make lasers and store front lights

Noble Gases

Have low melting and boiling points

Noble Gases

They occur in nature as colorless, odorless, and tasteless gases

Noble Gases

Are remarkably unreactive

Noble Gases

Also called inert or rare

Alkaline Metals

Also called Earth metals

Alkaline Metals

Second most reactive group of elements

Alkaline Metals

Group IIA of the Periodic Table

Alkaline Metals

Have 2 electrons in the outer shell


Series of transition metals often found as minerals, used to make alloys


Sometimes called rare Earth elements that have a high luster and conductivity

Transition Metals

Combine with other elements to form colored compounds

Transition Metals

Largest group of metals

Alkali Metals

Group 1A of the Periodic Table

Alkali Metals

All have one electron in its outer shell

Alkali Metals

They must be stored in oil because they are very reactive to oxygen and water

Poor metals

Some of the elements in the group are metalloids


Series of radioactive Transition metals


Group VIIB (7B) of the Periodic Table


Have strong unpleasant odor and burn the skin easily


Have 7 electrons in their outer shell (7 valence electrons)


Used to make drugs, dyes, antiseptics, and film


Means salt former

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