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  1. pretense
  2. allegiance
  3. surfeited
  4. invest
  5. requite
  1. a loyalty or obligation of loyalty
  2. b deception; a false appearance or action intended to deceive
  3. c to commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return
  4. d to make repayment or return for; to avenge
  5. e overindulgence in food or drink; an excessive amount

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  1. appearance, esp. the expression of the face
  2. extremely attractive, entrancing
  3. the devil; one of the fallen angels
  4. to fill with consternation or dismay
  5. to hold oneself back; forbear

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  1. undivulgedthe god of water, identified with Poseidon


  2. husbandrythe practice of cultivating the land or raising stock


  3. temperateexercising moderation and self-restraint


  4. sacrilegiousqualms, motivation derived from ethical or moral principles


  5. reposethe act of resting; freedom from worry or peace of mind