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Iodine stains
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DNA replication occurs in theS phaseMitosis results in the formation ofDiploid cellsMeiosis results in the formation ofHaploid cellsNuclear division is known asKaynesisDivision of the cytoplasm is calledCytokensisNon-mitotic phase of mitosis when the cell is resting or producing protiensInterphasePhase of mitosis in which the chromatin condenses to form chromosomesProphasePhase of mitosis chatcterized by the placement of the centromeres at the equatorial platemetaphasePhase of mitosis in which the sister chromatids separate and migrate toward the poles of the cellAnaphasePhase of mitosis in which the daughter chromosomes are found at the poles and the nuclear membrane is reformedTelophaseEnd products include alcohol or lactic acidAnerobic respirationWhat is the general PH of water7Causes soreness in the muscle cellLactic acidEnd products of animal respirationCaron dioxide, water, ATP (heat)Plants utilize both O2 and CO2 in performing respiration. When light is available plants producePlant Glucose, OxygenWhen light is unavailable plants produceCaron dioxide, water, ATPBreakdown of the glucose moleculeGlycolysisThe type that divides meisosis are known asgametesAn Ova or sperm is this chromosormal numberdiploidThe chromosomal number of a secondary spermatocyte isDiploidPairing if the homologous chromosomes occurs during this sub phase of prophase 1ZygoteneA chiasma or exchnage of chromotid parts occur during this sub phase of prophase 1diploteneSperm cell formation is known asspermatogensisEach gamete is genteicallydifferent