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(Origin) Autostimulation of growth factors
They tell the cell to divide when it shouldnt
*A gene that causes the transformation of normal cells into cancerous tumor cells, especially a viral gene that transforms a host cell.**
(Origin) Ignorance of antigrowth signals
Tells cell when not to divide
(Origin) Evasion of apoptosis (cell death)
If a cell may be given a signal to kill itself
*Cancer cells will ignore these signals*
(Origin) Immortality - telomeres (keep enabling cells to reproduce)
Cancer cells can divid indefinately, they don't tear off telomeres which become smaller and smaller within each cell division
(Origin) Angiogenesis (blood supply)
Stimulation of new blood vessels.
(tumour cells release tumour blood supply factors which helps deliver nutrients to to neoplasm encouaging rapid growth)
(Origin) Tissue invasion & metastasis
Cancer may
*destroy healthy tissue,
*surviving in the blood stream and
*establish a new site of growth to spread