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a long narrative poem that records the adventures of a hero


a narrative poem written in four line stanzas characterized by swift action


repetition of a vowel sound within words


repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of a word

figurative language

a form of language use in which writers and speakers convey something other than the literal meaning of their words

narrative poem

a poem that tells a story


a repetition of similar consonant sounds at the ends of words


the principal character


the matching of final vowel or consonant sounds in two or more words

end ryhme

the near duplication of sound that takes place at the ends of rhymes


the voice that talks the reader in the poem(not necessarely the poet)


two lines of verse that rhyme with eachother

internal rhyme

involves rhyming sounds within the same rhyme


a long list in an epic poem

rhyme scheme

pattern of rhymed words, stanzas are linked by the rhyme scheme


poets way of getting you to see what he or she is describing exactly the way he or she sees it

lyric poem

characterized by revity, compression, and expression of feeling


comparison between two things that have something in commom; uses as or like


comparison between two unlike things that have something in common; does not use like or as


the endowment of inanimate objects or abstract concepts with animate or living qualities

iambic pentameter

5 feet of unstressed/stressed syllables


14 lines iambic pentameter

dramatic poetry

uses the action and dialogue of the characters involved; tells a story


division or unit of a poem that is repeated in the same form either with similar or identical pattern or rhyme and meter or with variations from one stanza to another

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