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Nile River

The longest river...4000 miles long!

Sahara Valley Dessert

Largest in the world.

Egypt has...

natural borders
Dangerous rapids called cataracts

The River People

Floods were predictable and NOT devastating.
Spring Flood- left a dark, and fertile mud


learned to grow wheat, barley, and flex seeds


grew along nile river
make baskets and paper


United 2 kingdoms
passed it onto family and formed a dynasty

Womens Rights

-owned and passed on properties
-buy and sell goods
-made wills
-obtained divorces

Egypts religon

belived in many god and goddesses

"Book of the Dead"

Spells they needed for the after life

Great Pyrimid

Largest in the world


Capital of new dynasty of pharoahs

Middle Kingdom

Time of Stablity, prosperity,acheviments


a forced payment

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