Spanish 2 Culture Quiz #2

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In León, Nicaragua, 16 students from Costa Rica constructed houses for Nicaraguan families as part of the ......
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..... is the oldest hispanic business organization in the state of Florida and one of the most influential minority business groups in the U.S. Its mission is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of hispanic people and minority communities in Florida .Cámara de Comercio Latina de Estados Unidos (CAMACOL) (U.S. Latin Chamber of Commerce)..... is an organization dedicated to economic development of the hispanic corporate community. It works with local chambers to inform hispanic corporations about business opportunities and to help them improve their businesses.Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FSHCC)The University of Florida Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures, also known as ....., was established in 1994 in Gainesville, FL. This organization supports latino students and the hispanic community through education and community outreach."La casita"..... was established in 1993 to unite, inform, support and help the hispanic community of Tallahassee. Members come from countries like Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica and Argentina. The association is open to hispanics and those interested in the hispanic community.The North Florida Hispanic Association..... hosts three very prestigious cultural institutions: The Hispanic Ballet of Miami, The Classic Cuban Ballet of Miami and the School of Music, Painting and Theatre. The mission of the center is to enrich the culture of the region through offering high quality multidisciplinary programs at accessible prices.The Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center..... is popular in Colombia, Spain and other countries with mountainous regions.Bike ridingInterestingly, ..... is popular in Argentina and Chile.RugbyThe ..... ever to come from latin American countries are Pelé, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and 4 soccer players

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