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Mai_science_urinary system

urinary system
an organ system that helps excrete wastes from the body
a bean-shaped organ that filters wastes from the blood and produces urine
a waste substance made in the kidneys that contains mostly water and small amounts of urea
a tube that delivers urine made in the kidney to the bladder
a stretchy organ that holds urine until you are ready to excrete it
a tube that delivers urine from the bladder to outside the body
a tiny microscopic filtering unit inside the kidney
urinary tract infection
an infection in the kidneys, bladder, or ureters, caused by bacteria, that makes it difficult and painful to urinate
kidney stones
a disorder caused by build up of minerals that form stones that get stuck in the ureters, making it difficult and painful to urinate
a treatment for people with kidney disease where blood is filtered through a machine
regulates the flow of urine
pituitary gland
it releases ADH and is located in the brain. It regulates the water content of urine
Bowman's capsule
it encloses a bundle of tiny capillaries called the glomerulus.
a chemical factory that does more than 500 different jobs. It also helps in the removal of wastes and poisons from the blood.
renal vein
It is through this vein that blood exits from the kidney.
kidney doctors