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basium, -ii (basii)

n. kiss

bellum, -i

n. war (bellicose, belligerent, rebel, rebellion, revel)

consilium, -ii

n. plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom (counsel, counselor)

cura, -ae

f. care, attention, caution, anxiety (cure, curator, curious, curiousity, curio, curettage, sinecure)

donum, -i

n. gift, present (donate, donation, condone)

exitium, -ii

n. destruction, ruin (exit)

magister, magistri; magistra, -ae

m.; f.; schoolmaster or schoolmistress, teacher, master or mistress (magistrate, magistracy, magisterial, maestro, mastery, mister, miss)

mora, -ae

f. delay (moratorium, demur)


indeclinable n. nothing

oculus, -i

m. eye (ocular, oculist, binoculars, monocle)

officium, -ii

n. duty, service (office, officer, official, officious)

otium, -ii

n. leisure, peace (otiose, negotiate)

periculum, -i

n. danger, risk (peril, perilous, imperil, parlous)

remedium, -ii

n. cure, remedy (remedial, irremediable, remediation)

bonus, -a, -um

good, kind (bonus, bonanza, bonny, bounty, bona fide)

bellus, -a, -um

pretty, handsome, charming (belle, beau, beauty, embellish, belladonna, belles-lettres) *do not confuse with bellum, war

humanus, -a, -um

pertaining to man, human; humane, kind, refined, cultivated (humanity, humanitarian, humanism, the humanities, humanist, inhuman, superhuman)

malus, -a, -um

bad, wicked, evil (malice, malicious, malign, malignant, malaria, malady, malefactor, malfeasance, malevolent; mal-, a prefix as in maladjustment, malnutrition, maltreat, malapropos

parvus, -a, -um

small, little (parvovirus, parvule, parvicellular)

stultus, -a, -um; stultus

foolish; m. a fool (stultify, stultification)

verus, -a, -um

true, real, proper (verify, versimilitude, very, veracity)

iuvo (or adiuvo), iuvare, iuvi, iutum

to help, aid, assist; please (adjutant, coadjutant, aid, aide-de-camp)

sum, esse, fui, futurum

to be exist (essence, essential, future, furity)

nominative case

subject, articles, sg. um pl. a

genetive case

possession, of, sg. i pl. orum

dative case

indirect object, to/for, sg. o pl. is

accusative case

direct object, articles sg. um pl. a

ablative case

miscellaneous prepositional phrases, by/with/from, sg. o pl. is

vocative case

interjection, oh, sg. um pl. a


we are


you are


you (pl) are


he/she/it is


they are

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