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Which of the following personas would be eligible for a remote pilot certificate with a sUAS rating?
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Regarding Other Airspace Areas, ____ services include local airport advisories, automated weather reporting with voice broadcasting, and a continuous Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)/Automated Weather Observing Station (AWOS) data display, other continuous direct reading instruments, or manual observations available to the specialist.
Routine METAR for Gregg County Airport on the 16th day of the month at 1753Z (5:53PM Zulu) automated source. Winds are 140 at 21 knots gusting to 26. Visibility is ¾ statute mile. Thunderstorms with heavy rain and mist. Ceiling is broken at 800 feet, overcast at 1,200 feet, with cumulonimbus clouds. Temperature 18 degrees Celsius and dew point 17 degrees Celsius. Barometric pressure is 29.70 "Hg and falling rapidly.
When a remote pilot-in-command and a visual observer define their roles and responsibilities prior to and during the operation of a small UA is a good use ofCrew Resource Management.What actions should the operator of an sUAS do if the manufacturer does not provide information about scheduled maintenance?The operator should establish a scheduled maintenance protocol.What precautions should a remote PIC do to prevent possible inflight emergencies when using lithium-based batteries?Follow the manufacturer`s recommendations for safe battery handling.After having dinner and wine, your client asks you to go outside to demonstrate the small UAs capabilities. You mustnot operate a small UA within 8 hours of consuming any alcoholic beverage.You plan to release golf balls from your small UA at an altitude of 100 feet AGL. You must ensure the objects being dropped willnot create an undue hazard to persons or property.(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 78.) You have been contracted to inspect towers located approximately 4 NM southwest of the Sioux Gateway (SUX) airport operating an unmanned aircraft. What is the maximum altitude above ground level (AGL) that you are authorized to operate over the top of the towers?802 feet AGL.The refusal of a remote PIC to submit to a blood alcohol test when requested by a law enforcement officeris grounds for suspension of revocation of their remote pilot certificate.During a flight of your small UA, you observe a hot air balloon entering the area. You shouldyield the right-of-way to the hot air balloon.According to 14 CFR part 107, what is the maximum groundspeed for a small UA?87 knots.Upon request by the FAA, the remote pilot-in-command must providea remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating.While operating your small UA, it accidently strikes your crew member in the head causing him to lose consciousness. When should this accident be reported?Within 10 days of the accident.A small UA must be operated in a manner whichdoes not endanger the life or property of another.During your pre-flight inspection, you notice that your lithium battery's casing is distorted. How should you proceed?Do not attempt to fly, and assess the extent of required repairsVisual line-of-sight (VLOS) must be accomplished and maintained byunaided visionYou've been hired for a job to inspect a dense group of office buildings. During your planned mission, you temporarily experience loss of control on several occasions. Assuming you were able to maintain VLOS for the entirety of the flight, this was most likely caused byFrequency interferenceWhat may be used to assist compliance with Part 107 sUAS see-and-avoid requirements? Also, what may be used to enhance situational awareness?Remote PIC diligence; BinocularsWhere can pilots find traffic pattern information and restrictions, such as noise abatement?Chart Supplements U.S. (formerly Airport/Facility Directory)Which of the following considerations is most relevant to a Remote PIC when evaluating unmanned aircraft performance?Current weather conditionsWhen loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount the items in a manner thatdoes not adversely affect the center of gravityWhen operating a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), you experience a flyaway and several people suffer injuries. Which of the following requires reporting to the FAA?Serious injury requiring hospitalizationWhich crewmember must hold a remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating?Remote pilot in command (PIC)Which aircraft has the right-of-way over all other air traffic?An aircraft in distress(Refer to Figure 81) What's the UNICOM frequency at Crawford airport?122.8The FAA's recommended entry position for manned aircraft to enter an airport traffic pattern isto enter 45 degrees at the midpoint of the downwind leg at traffic pattern altitudeThe FAA may approve your application for a waiver of Part 107 provisions only once it has determined that the proposed operationcan be safely conducted under the terms of that certificate of waiverOperations from a moving vehicle may be conducted when no property is being carried for compensation or hireover a sparsely populated areaThe correct way to state 6,500 feet MSL to air traffic control isSix Thousand Five HundredAt what distance should a manned aircraft communicate with the Flight Service Station (FSS) on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) when inbound to an airport with no tower?10 miles outWhat are you likely to experience when operating an sUAS above its maximum allowable weight?Shorter enduranceA stable air mass is most likely to have which of the following characteristics?Poor surface visibilityWhat does it mean that sUAS controls are considered line-of-sight?The control link between the CS and the small UA won't work properly when barriers are between the CS and the UA.What is a series of judgmental errors which can lead to a human factors-related accident referred to?error chainAn aircraft announces, "left downwind for runway one two". This means that the aircraft is on a heading of300 degreesWhat is CTAF primarily used for?It is an air-to-air communication system for pilots to communicate with each other.A LiPo battery casing that shows visible distortionMay be a fire hazard May lead to a complete loss of power mid-flightWho is ultimately responsible for ensuring that there are enough crewmembers for a given sUAS operation?The remote pilot in command (Remote PIC)Who is ultimately responsible for preventing a hazardous scenario from unfolding during a flight operation?The remote pilot in command (Remote PIC)Which set of regulations govern the rules around over-the-counter & prescription medication for pilots?Code of Federal RegulationsWhat are the cloud clearance requirements for sUAS operations?500' below clouds/2000' horizontally from cloudsControlled airspace covers which classes of airspace?Class A, B, C, D, EWhich of the three motions of a fixed wing unmanned aircraft would be controlled by the rudder?YawScheduled maintenance of your sUAS should be performed in accordance with theManufacturer's recommendations(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 77) What's the CTAF frequency at Pine Ridge Airport?122.9Safety is an important element for a remote pilot to consider prior to operating an unmanned aircraft system. Which methodology must a remote PIC consider to prevent the final "link" in the accident/error chain?Risk ManagementAfter receiving your Part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating, how often must you satisfy recurrent training requirements?Every two years (24 months)According to Part 107 regulations, how long is each drone registration valid for?Three years (36 months)Before each flight, the remote PIC must ensure thatObjects carried on the sUAS are secureIf you experience a flyaway that causes your drone to collide with a vehicle, causing $900 worth of damage (excluding the cost to repair your drone), when must you report the accident to the FAA?Within 10 days(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 20, Area 2) Why would the small flag at Lake Drummond of the sectional chart be important to a Remote PIC?The flag indicates a VFR checkpoint for manned aircraft, and thus a higher volume of air traffic should be expected there.The greatest instability occurs whenThe air is moist and warm