Unit 10 quiz review (writers choice)

What's the difference between a transitive and intransitive verbs?
Transitive: has a direct object
Intransitive: does not have a direct object
What questions do the indirect objects answer? What questions do the indirect questions answer?
Indirect: to whom or for whom
Direct object: whom or what
What do predicate nouns and predicate adjectives do?
PN: (follows a linking verb and is a noun) it tells what the subject is
PA: (follows a linking verb and is a adjatiave) it describes the subject by telling what it is like
What is an action verb?
An action verb is word that names an action. It may contain more that one word.
What is a linking verb? What are two examples of linking verbs?
A linking verb connects the subject of a sentence with a noun or an adjective in the predicate.

Example: was and is
Do indirect objects come after or before direct objects?
They come before
Do action verbs have a predicate noun or adjective?
Do linking verbs have predicate nouns or adjectives