Work, Energy

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Potential and Kinetic
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Kinetic EnergyEnergy an object has due to motionPotential EnergyEnergy that is stored due to its position or shapegravitational potential energy (GPE)Potential energy due to an objects positionelastic potential energy (EPE)Potential energy due to compression or expansion (stretch) of an elastic object (it's shape)chemical potential energyPotential energy that is stored within chemical bonds of an objectMechanical, Electromagnetic, Sound, Electrical, Chemical, ThermalSix forms of energyElectromagnetic radiationExamples of this form of energy include radiation and light such as gamma rays, microwaves, and infrared lightFrequencythe number of complete wavelengths that pass a point in a given time. Frequency is the difference between light, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays, etcSoundThis form of energy vibrates through air molecules.Electricalenergy that is caused by the movement of electrons. It can be kinetic or potential.electric currentA flow of electric charge through a conductor. (kinetic energy)static electricityA buildup of negative electron charge in an object. (potential energy)Chemical energyThis potential energy is stored in chemical bonds and released when those bonds break during a chemical reaction. A good example is food and digestionthermal energyEnergy due to motion of molecules in a substance. This type of energy produces heat.TemperatureA measure of thermal energy.conduction, convection, radiationThree methods of heat transferWorkUsing a force to move an object a distance (when both the force and the motion of the object are in the same direction.)NewtonsUnit that force is measured inMeterUnit that distance is measured inWattUnit for power (joules/second)PowerRate at which work is donePower formulaPower (in watts) = work/timeair resistanceforce that opposes the motion of objects that move through the airAll objects would drop at the same speed if there was no...air resistanceFrictionForce opposite work. Why does no machine has 100% efficiency.