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  1. Harem
  2. Perimenopause
  3. Hot flashes
  4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  5. Polygyny
  1. a The phase marked by irregular menestrual cycles.
  2. b Marriage of one man to more than one woman.
  3. c Episodes of redding and warmth of the skin associated with menopause.
  4. d The Quarters for wise and childre in a polygamous Muslim household. Or in some species the group of females who live and mate with a single male.
  5. e A cluster of physical and psychological symptoms that can affect peons who have experienced severe trauma.

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  1. In law, the crime of marrying someone while already married to another spouse.
  2. In men, the gradual decline of fertility with age; a hypothetical male equivalent if menopause.
  3. A form of marriage in which the husband and wifenare expected to be emotionallynintimate and to engage in social activities together.
  4. The psychological process that reduces a persons response to stimulus or drug after repeated exposure,
  5. A financial agreement between spouses.

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  1. PolyamoryThe foundation if non transient sexual relationships in groups of three or more.


  2. Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT)Hormone treatment extending for a long time after menopause.


  3. Bat mitzvahJewish coming of age ceremony for girls.


  4. ConcubineThe final cessation of menestruation at the end of a woman's reproductive years.


  5. PreadolescenceThe age range including the beginning of puberty 8-12 or 8-13.