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  1. Dissociation
  2. Group Marriage
  3. Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Hot flashes
  1. a The distancing of oneself from the emotions evoked by some traumatic experience or memory.
  2. b Hormone treatment extending for a long time after menopause.
  3. c Reduction in the mineral content of bone, predisposing to fractures.
  4. d Episodes of redding and warmth of the skin associated with menopause.
  5. e Three ornmore people living together in a marriage like relationship.

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  1. A live in sexual relationship between two persons who are not marrie to each other.
  2. A cluster of physical and psychological symptoms that can affect peons who have experienced severe trauma.
  3. The psychological process that reduces a persons response to stimulus or drug after repeated exposure,
  4. In men, the gradual decline of fertility with age; a hypothetical male equivalent if menopause.
  5. The phase marked by irregular menestrual cycles.

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  1. Pre-Nuptial AgreementA financial agreement between spouses.


  2. PreadolescenceMarriage of one man to more than one woman.


  3. Post Nuptial AgreementA financial agreement between spouses.


  4. QuinceaneraCouples who agree to engage in casual sex contracts.


  5. PolygynyMarriage of one man to more than one woman.