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The two basic categories of software are:
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The scrambling of messages through virtual private networks (VPN) is also known as _________________EncryptionPriceline, Travelocity, and are examples of what type of e-commerce that brings sellers and buyers together instantly?Auctioning_______________________ are incentive-based and offer consumers access to special deals, discounts and free items that infrequent consumers do not have access to. Correct!Loyalty Programs_________________________ is considered among the highest value forms of content used in digital strategy today because it adds authenticity to any online brand presence.User-generated contentWhatsApp and Wechat are examples of?Messaging Apps and ChatbotsWhich of the following is not a task performed by all computers?Processing Storage Displaying Input ANSWER DISPLAYINGFor the Hospitality niche, the ability to sell via the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube is called _______________________________Social Commerce________________________ is defined as the set of Internet tools used to increase one's page ranking in search engine results.Search Engine Optimization______________________ advertising is a model that has a fee structure based on clicks.PPC pay per clickAccording to the textbook, _____________________________________ occurs when the content of a transaction can be altered en route, either maliciously or accidentally:Data alteration_____________________ refers to a hole in software that is unknown to the vendor?Zero-day_______________________ is a type of malicious software that execute an unlawful act on an unsuspecting cyber victim.All of the Choices Adware Ransomeware Malware answer is all46 to 10 is:DataConvincing a customer to purchase room upgrades or packages is an example of?up-sellingProviding customers the opportunity to purchase complementary products is an example of?Cross-sellingGDS-related core competencies are part of the Hamel and Prahald (1994) strategic competency model to build strategic advantage?TrueThe text defines the objectives of a GDS as ____________________ :Distribute to as broad an audience as possible Distribute in the most effective and cost-efficient means available Distribute a company's products (hotel/property, guestroom, inventory, meeting space) All of the Choices answer all the choicesThe following type of manager is responsible for overseeing the different distributions to ensure that content, rates, availability information, and selling rules/restrictions are up to date:Channel ManagerPackaging is the combination of tickets, lodging and car rentals together benefitting the customer by providing a less expensive alternative to buying each separately.trueThis type of model allows hotels to discount rates while shielding their brand identities and maintain rate integrity?Opaque Pricing ModelThe reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers is referred to as?DisintermediationSearch engine web sites search and compare multiple travel sites to help consumers find the lowest rates, such as Trivago and Kayak and fares is known as?Meta SearchEach node in the distribution process of goods or services in the hospitality industry represent a potential point of service failure and potential expense for the organization.TrueIn Alabama, on September 17, 2022, the Penn State Nittany Lions Football Team beat the Auburn Tigers by a score of 41 - 12 is an example of:DataWhich of the following is an OTA (Online Travel Agent)?ExpediaA __________________ is a set of attributes and relationships that classify an entity, such as a customer.ProfileWhich of the following is not a GDS?Expedia Travelport Amadeus Sabre answer is expediaAccording to the interview with Dan Bell, he says that the velocity of change is faster than ever.TrueAn organized, centralized collection of data serving applications is/are ___________________.A databaseA _____________in database terms is something that sets off another event.Trigger