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Chapter 10: A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe

During the 11th century, what new architectural style featuring pointed arches and flying buttresses became dominant in western Europe?


The post classical period in Western History between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 15th century is referred to as the?

Middle Ages

What twelfth century monk stressed the importance of mystical union with god over logic and philosophy?

Bernard of Clairvaux

Serfs differed from slaves in that

they could not be bought or sold, and owned some of the land they farmed

Which of the following statements about feudalism is most accurate?

Although it inhibited the development of strong central states, some kings were able to use feudalism to build their own power

The leader figure in the synthesis of classical rational phiolsphy with Christian theology was a teacher at the University of Paris in the 13th century

Thomas Aquinas

Which of the following statements concerning the intellectual activity of the medieval west prior to the 8th century is most accurate?

with the few literate people concentrating in monasteries, little was achieved other than copying older manuscripts

Because of its base in the universities of Western Europe the dominant medieval philosophical approach was referred to as


What belief did the conversion of Germanic kings create among Western religious leaders, particularly the pope?

That the Church was superior to the secular rulers

How did the introduction of feudal monarchy into England compare to the political experience of France?

English Feudal monarchy was introduced abruptly following 1066, while French Feudal monarchy developed more slowly.

Following the fall of Rome, where was the center of the post-classical West?

in the central plain of Northern Europe-France, the low countries, Southern and Western Germany

Which of the following statements concerning the medieval economy is most true?

medieval economics was a combination of capitalistic and feudal practices

Who were the scandinavian Invaders who disrupted the development of durable political institutions in the mideval west until the 10th century?


Which of the following statements concerning the Holy Roman Emperors after the tenth century is most accurate?

the rule of the Holy Roman Emperors became increasingly hollow, because they did not build a solid monarchy from regional foundations

Which of the following statements about feudalism is most accurate?

Although it inhibited the development of strong central states, some kings were able to use feudalism to build their own power

The fourth crusade was manipulated by merchants in venice, who turned it into an attack on


Who was Jacque Coeur?

One of Europe's most extraordinary merchants, demonstrated the opportunities and risks of new forms of trade

Which of the following statements concerning the impact of christianity on polytheistic religions in Western Europe is most accurate?

the process of conversion produced a religious amalgam in which beliefs in magic and supernatural spirits coexisted with Christianity

In what year did Pope Urban II call for the first crusade?


In what way was the educational system of the medieval West different from that of China

the universities were not tied into a single bureaucratic system

By what century did France achieve a complete feudal monarchy?


The member of the military elite who relieved land in return for military service in the bands of the greater lords were called


Which of the following developments was NOT a result of the improved economy of the High Middle Ages?

conflicts between peasants and the landlords became rare, if they didn't disappear altogether

Where was the greatest concentration of urbanization after the tenth century in Europe?

Italy and the Low Countries

One-third of the land left not planted each year to increase fertility

Three-field system

What was the impact of the improved economy after the 10th century on the social system of wester Europe?

the increased pace of economic life created a less rigid structure

Which of the following was NOT a benefit of the monastic movement in western Europe?

their political organization provided the foundation for the political order established in France, Germany, and England

What country achieved feudal monarchy prior to the end of the Middle Ages?


Agricultural laborers under the jurisdiction of aristocratic landowners were called


What frankish king was responsible for the conversion of his people to christianity in ored to gain a vague domination over the Franks?


What monk was responsible for the creation of a set of rules for Western monasteries in the sixth century?

Benedict of Nursia

Which of the following statements about feudalism is most accurate?

Although it inhibited the development of strong central states, some kings were able to use feudalism to build their own power

In what year was charlemagne able to establish a substantial, if temporary, empire in France and Germany?


Which of the following was a result of the Hundred Years War during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries?

kings reduced their reliance on feudal forces in favor or paid armies

which of the following was NOT typical of the challenges to typical medieval institutions in the fifteenth century?

a single imperial government replaced the fragmented political structure of the middle ages

Which of the following was NOT a power of the papacy immediately after 500?

the appointment of all bishops

Pope Gregory VII decreed the practice of investiture invalid. What was investiture?

the practice of state appointment of bishops

Which of the following statements about the manorial system is NOT true?

it was technologically sophisticated

All of the following were functions of the merchant and artisan guilds EXCEPT?

ensuring a free market economy

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