70 terms

Path Exam 2

All images must be carefully reviewed and interpreted.
The terms interpretation and diagnosis can be used synonymously.
Dental images should not be interpreted in the presence of the patient.
Any dental professional can provide a diagnosis.
The term radiograph and X-ray are synonymous.
A digital image is diagnostically equivalent to film-based imaging.
Condensing osteitis appears radiopaque on a radiograph.
A sialolith is an example of a soft tissue radiolucency.
A periapical abscess can appear as a unilocular radiopacity
A gold crown can appear radiopaque on a dental image
Ground glass
radiopaque lesion that resembles an orange peel or has a Granular appearance
Location of a lesion surrounding crown of an impacted tooth
Location of a lesion between the roots of adjacent teeth
Target lesion
radiopaque lesion that has a surrounding radiolucent ring
structures that are dense and resist passage of the x-ray beam
Incipient interprox.
caries that extends less than halfway through enamel
Severe interprox.
caries that extends through enamel, dentin and more than half the distance to pulp
Moderate interprox
caries that extends more than halfway through the enamel but does not involve DEJ
Severe occlusal
caries seen as a large radiolucency in dentin under enamel of chewing surfaces of teeth.
Advanced interprox.
caries that extends through enamel, dentin, but does not extend more than half the distance to pulp
Which one of the following oral conditions is not a lesion associated with HIV or AIDS?
A. Candidiasis
B. Hairy Leukoplakia
C. Kaposi Sarcoma
D. Leukoedema
What is the etiology of acute/chronic osteomyelitis?
A. viral
B. fungal
C. Inflammation/infection
D. hormonal
What term refers to an erythematous, painful swollen tissue around the crown of a partially erupted tooth?
A. periodontitis
B. abscess
C. pericoronitis
D. ankylosis
Desquamative gingivitis may be seen in:
A. cicatricial pemphigoid
B. Pemphigus vulgaris
C. Lichen planus
D. All of the above
Tzank cells are seen in which of these conditions?
A. Pemphigus vulgaris
B. Erythema multiforme
C. Systemic lupus erythematous
D. Behcet syndrome
The most common site for mucous membrane pemphigoid is the:
A: lips
B. buccal mucosa
C. tongue
D. gingiva
Men are more predisposed to SLE than women.
What is the most common type of lichen planus?
A. reticular
B. erosive
C. bullous
Mucous membrane pemphigoid is characterized by an intraepithelial blister formation.
The non-infectious stage of syphilis is the:
A. primary stage
B. secondary stage
C. tertiary stage
Primary herpes is the most common in:
A. middle aged adults
B. elderly people
C. children and young adults
D. infants
Mandibular tori most often appear:
A. in the retromolar pad region
B. on the lingual surface of the mandible, most often in the premolar region
C. on the lingual surface of the mandible, inferior to the mylohyoid ridge
D. along the midline of the hard palate
All of the following are forms or classifications of recurrent aphthous ulcers except:
A. Initial
B. minor
C. major
D. Herpetiform
Which of the following is a condition in which small accumulations of saliva gather in the skin folds at the commissural angles and are subsequently colonized by yeast organisms causing fissured, erythematous alterations of the skin?
A. squamous cell carcinoma
B. angular cheilitis
C. verruva vulgaris
D. stomatitis nicotina
solar cheilitis is caused by:
A. a virus
B. stress
C. chronic and excessive exposure to the UV radiation in sunlight
D. certain medications
Hairy tongue is a condition characterized by hypertrophy of the:
A. filiform papillae
B. fungiform papillae
C. circumvallate papillae
D. foliate papillae
Lace-like white striae present on the buccal mucosa bilaterally may represent:
A. lupus erythematosus
B. erythema multiforme
C. pemphigus vulgaris
D. lichen planus
A white patch, which when scraped or removed from the oral mucosa, leaves a raw, bleeding surface most likely is:
A. leukoplakia
B. white spongy nevus
C. candidiasis
D. lichen planus
Which of the following is characterized by irregularly shaped red, map like smooth swollen patches on the tongue which changes daily in size and shape?
A. fissured tongue
B. macroglossia
C. geographic tongue
D. hairy tongue
Significant diagnostic findings in exudates from cases of human actinomycosis include:
A. black granules
B. small encapsulated gram- rods
C. strongly acid-fast slender rods
D. sulfur granules
The treatment of choice for actinomycosis includes:
A. long term systemic steroids
B. antifungal therapy
C. Anti-viral therapy
D. long term high dose of antibiotics
The treatment of choice of acute osteomyelitis includes the use of hyperbaric oxygen.
Which of the following is the cause of infectious mononucleosis?
A. streptococci
B. Epstein-Barr virus
C. rubella virus
D. paramyxovirus
A dental granuloma and a radicular cyst can be differentiated:
A. based on symptoms
B. radiographically
C. histologically
D. electric pulp tester
A 25 year old man, who has a history of generalized gingivitis, is seen on a six-month maintenance visit. During his appointment, which of the following clinical signs will likely confirm that this patient's disease has progressed to periodontitis?
A. Loss of attachment
B. Bleeding upon probing
C. Change in gingival color
D. Increased tooth mobility
E. Edematous gingival tissue
An elderly patient, who wears a mandibular complete denture, presents with a pink, elongated, firm and raised lesion in the vestibule adjacent to the buccal border of the denture. Which of the following most likely represents this lesion?
A. Papilloma
B. Epulis Fissuratum
C. Pyogenic granuloma
D. Squamous cell carcinoma
E. Inflammatory papillary hyperplasia
A widened periodontal ligament space viewed in a radiograph indicates:
A. Ankylosis
B. Hyperplasia
C. Hypertrophy
D. Disuse atrophy
E. Occlusal trauma
Contact dermatitis exemplifies which of the following types of hypersensitivity?
A. Type I
B. Type II
C. Type III
D. Type IV
Which of the following can best be evaluated when viewing bitewing radiographs?
A. Anklyosis
B. Root pathology
C. Interproximal caries
D. Apical alveolar bone loss
E. Periodontal ligament space
Each of the following plays a part in defending the body against invasion except one: Which one is the exception?
A. Lysosyme
B. Cilia
C. complement
D. chemotaxis
E. Hyaluronidase
Two regions of the oral mucosa that contain keratinized epithelia are the:
A. cheek and lip mucosa
B. hard palate and gingiva
C. alveolar mucosa and gingiva
D. alveolar mucosa and vestibular mucosa
E. floor of the mouth and hard palate
Which of the following cells synthesize antibodies?
A. Mast
B. Stem
C. Plasma
D. Fibroblasts
E. Macrophages
A raised circumscribed vesicle, which might exhibit a bluish translucent color, clinically describes which of the following?
A. Lipoma
B. Fibroma
C. Mucocele
D. Epulis Fissuratum
E. Pyogenic granuloma
Which of the following hormones is released in response to hyperglycemia?
A. Insulin
B. Estrogen
C. Thyroxine
D. Glucagon
E. Epinepherine
The best radiographic projection for visualizing sialoliths in the submandibular duct and gland is the standard:
B. Panoramic film
C. CT scan
D.Mandibular occlusal view
Primary syphilis lesion
Mucous patches
Secondary syphilis lesion
Latent syphilis lesion
Tertiary syphilis lesion
A herpes simplex ulceration is located on nonkeratinized mucosa.
Antiviral drugs have been shown to be consistently effective in treating the intraoral lesions of herpes simplex infection.
Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection primarily caused by Staph Aureus. However, the lesions are non-infectious.
Which statement is true of NK cells?
A. NK cells do not circulate
B. NK cells secrete antibodies
C. NK cells are a part of the body's innate immunity
D. NK cells are T lymphocytes
Which of the following types of immunologic disease involve a decreased number or activity of lymphoid cells?
A. Autoimmunity
B. Hypersensitivity
C. Immunodeficiency
D. Immunization
Major Apthous ulcers are painful.
The treatment of choice for angioedema is corticosteroids.
Hba1c measures a person's blood sugar for that moment in time.
A Gleason score can measure if a person has an aggressive prostate cancer.
Chronic elevated C-reactive proteins is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
A dental hygienist can only have a career in:
A. public health
B. law and administration
C. medicine
D. clinical practice
E. All of the above.