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Completing the Sentence, Unit 10, level E

if i made a mistake, please let me know. thank you! tess :)
In spite of her rain-soaked clothing and __________ appearance, it seemed to me that she had never looked lovelier.
I confess I suffered a twinge of envy when I learned that my rival had won the prize I had _________ so dearly.
Retailers who seek to _________ unwary consumers with false claims should feel the full penalties of the law.
The body of the slain hero was accompanied to its final resting place by the ________ strains of a funeral march.
You certainly have a right to your opinions, but you have become so __________ that you immediately challenge opinions expressed by anyone else.
Excessively ___________ people usually don't have the imagination to realize that their endless chatter is boring everyone else.
"The blinds are hanging __________ because the pull cord is all knotted and tangled," I said.
With the publication of her famous book "Silent Spring", Rachel Carson moved into the ________ of those seeking to protect our natural environment.
Driving a car along those _________ mountain raods at a height of ten thousand feet calls for stronger nerves than I have.
After all my high hopes, I was utterly __________ when the notice arrived that I had failed my driver's test.
It isn't likely that the school administration will ___________ to your recommendation to do away with all examinations and grades.
I do not __________ to be heroic, but I hope I have the nerves to stand up for unpopular idea that I believe are right.
The ____________ personality that had made her so charming and popular was unaffected by the passage are right.
For the innumerable crimes and cruelties he had committed, the tyrant had good reason to fear human, if not divine, ___________.
Now that the football season has ended, don't you think our school's athletes deserve a brief ___________ before beginning basketball practice?
After I heard my new parrot's harsh call, I decided that "Melody," the name I had planned for it, was something of a ____________.
A staunch believer in the equality of the sexes, Susan B. Anthony was on of the most effective __________ of women's rights.
The pioneers succeeded in settling the West because they refused to admit that any obstacle, however formidable, was ____________.
We can all agree that the crime situation in this community is truly __________, but what are we going to do about it?
He says that he is spending the family fortune "to promote that art of good living," but I consider him no more than a(n) _____________.