Kin Exam 1

Students are expected to to attend all class meetings, unless there is there is an asynchronous class, and participate in all class activities:
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In Kin, what word Can have a different meaning?DiversityWhich of the following is defined as the change in position of the individual in time-space resulting from force developed from the expenditure of energy interacting with the environmentHuman MovementWhich of the following is the study of the principles that govern the human body in motion, which requires knowledge of the physics of objects and the anatomy of human motion?BiometricsIn the past physical education preparation was devoted to producing, of the following, who would have all the capabilities necessary for the most commonly practiced movement.TeacherWhich of the following is defined as movement by a person that requires the use of energy such that moderate and vigorous forms provide health benefits?Physical therapyWhich of the following approaches means you will experience the Content firsthand through active learning strategies that are designed to engage and motivate you through classLearner-CenteredWhat approach focuses primarily on what the teacher does in comparison to what the students are learning?Teacher-CenteredWhich of the guiding principles is based on a view that different course experiences and practical applications are parts of a whole, with each part interacting with and influencing othersHolistic ApproachSeeing people as being composed of two parts, a body and a mind, is indicative of what common view?Dualistic interpretation of a personAlthough interdisciplinary in nature, kin is best understood for what approach?Holistic ApproachThinking seriously about how the multiple subdisciplines inform each other is a way of developing what approach?Holistic ApproachPotential Solutions do difficult issues facing the field of kin may actually require what type of approach?Integrated holistic approachDatabases Research AssistantA search engine at our library that was created for kinesiology topicsCiting in APA FormatIn PubMed, its as simple as just clicking a button and pressing "cite" In CINAHL, third one up from the bottom is the "cite" iconOriginal articleIf there is a Clinical Trial on the top left it is automatically original Can double check by looking at method Look for keywords like "I" "We"Review articleTop left will say Review article Look for keywords like "review" "observation"