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  1. Sagittal Plane
  2. Ventral Cavity
  3. Skeletal System
  4. Nervous System
  5. Midsagittal Plane
  1. a Divides the body into right and left proportions
  2. b A skeleton of 206 bones and the joints between them provide support and a framework for body movement
  3. c Organs like the brain, spinal cord, and nerves make communication within the body, learning, and memory possible.
  4. d Divides the bady into equal right and left halves
  5. e Made up of the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities

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  1. Made uo of the cranial and spinal cavities
  2. Toward the head or cranium
  3. The cavity within the spinal column; houses the spinal cord.
  4. A state of balance that the body maintains to stay alive: maintained through positive and negative feed-back loops.
  5. The study of the normal functioning of the body

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  1. Muscular SystemThe kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra work together to remove waste products and excess water and transport urine out of the body.


  2. Reproductive SystemInternal and external organs like the testes, ovaries, penis, and uterus produce, transport, and provide a proper environment for the gametes or sex cells (i.e., sperm and eggs) to mature and/or unite.


  3. Posterior/dorsalToward the back surface


  4. Anabolismthe "breaking down" phase of metabolism (i.e., food is broken down into nutrients that the body can use)


  5. AnatomyThe science of the structure of the body and its parts