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  1. Anterior/ventral
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Transverse Plane (horizontal Plane)
  4. Anabolism
  5. Urinary System
  1. a Divides the body into top and bottom porportions.
  2. b the "Building up" phase of metabolism (e.i., cells take the nutrients that the body has broken down and build their cellular components)
  3. c The kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra work together to remove waste products and excess water and transport urine out of the body.
  4. d Toward the front surface
  5. e A state of balance that the body maintains to stay alive: maintained through positive and negative feed-back loops.

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  1. On the surfase
  2. Divides the bady into equal right and left halves
  3. Lying far down; underneath several layers
  4. The study of the normal functioning of the body
  5. The heart and blood vessels carry blood to all parts of the body and remove waste products.

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  1. SuperiorBelow: in a lower position


  2. Organ SystemAn individual living thing.


  3. Abdominopelvic cavityThe cavity below the diaphragm ; containd the abdominal and pelvic cavities


  4. Cranial CavityThe cavity within the spinal column; houses the spinal cord.


  5. AnatomyThe science of the structure of the body and its parts


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