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  1. Homeostasis
  2. Oblique Plane
  3. Muscular System
  4. Frontal Plane / Coronal Plane
  5. Superior
  1. a The muscles of the body provide movement and body heat
  2. b Slanting plane; a plane that is not in any of the other planes
  3. c Above: in a higher position
  4. d A state of balance that the body maintains to stay alive: maintained through positive and negative feed-back loops.
  5. e Divides the body into anterior and posterior proportions

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  1. Contains most of the digestive organs, liver, and the spleen.
  2. Organs like the brain, spinal cord, and nerves make communication within the body, learning, and memory possible.
  3. Toward the back surface
  4. Specialized sense organs (ears, eyes, nose, and tongue) make possible the special senses of hearing, sight, smell, and taste.
  5. The skin and the accessory organs in it (e.g., hair, nails, glands) provide external support and protection.

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  1. Cranial CavityThe cavity within the spinal column; houses the spinal cord.


  2. proximalcloser to the midline of the body


  3. Endocrine SystemInternal glands like the pituitary, thyroid, adreanals, and gonads secrete hormones for body regulation.


  4. Catabolismthe "breaking down" phase of metabolism (i.e., food is broken down into nutrients that the body can use)


  5. DistalToward the tailbone or sacrum