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  1. Abdominopelvic cavity
  2. Ventral Cavity
  3. Mediastinum/Pericardial Cavity
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Anatomy
  1. a Within the thoracic cavity; contains the heart
  2. b The science of the structure of the body and its parts
  3. c A state of balance that the body maintains to stay alive: maintained through positive and negative feed-back loops.
  4. d Made up of the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
  5. e The cavity below the diaphragm ; containd the abdominal and pelvic cavities

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  1. The skin and the accessory organs in it (e.g., hair, nails, glands) provide external support and protection.
  2. Below: in a lower position
  3. Divides the body into anterior and posterior proportions
  4. Toward the tailbone or sacrum
  5. Lying far down; underneath several layers

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  1. Cardiovascular SystemThe heart and blood vessels carry blood to all parts of the body and remove waste products.


  2. Skeletal SystemThe muscles of the body provide movement and body heat


  3. SuperficialOn the surfase


  4. Spinal cavityThe cavity within the skull; contains the brain


  5. CellLying far down; underneath several layers