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Simple squamous epithelial tissue


Based on cell shape, there are three different kinds of epithelial cells. Which one could be described as thin and flat with a disk like nucleus - "scaly"


Based on cell layering, there are three types of epithelial cells. Which one could be described as a single layer of cells resting on a basement membrane?

Endothelium and Mesothelium

There are two types of simple squamous epithelia that are characteristic of two locations. What are they?


simple squamous lining of body cavities.


simple squamous lining of blood vessels and

Simple squamous

one row of squamous cells, forming a
thin lining that allows diffusion of gases and fluids

Simple squamous

Found in Body cavities (mesothelium).

Simple squamous

Cardio-vascular and lymphatic systems (endothelium)

Simple squamous

inner lining of blood vessels & wall of blood capillaries

Simple squamous

Smallest ducts of many glands.

Simple squamous

Terminal respiratory ducts
and air sacs; wall of alveolus (air-pockets in lung)

Simple squamous

Membranous labyrinth
(except sensory areas)

Simple squamous

tympanic cavity

Simple squamous

The simplest of the epithelia

Simple squamous

Single layer of flattened cells with disc shaped nuclei and sparse cytoplasm

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