Milady Chapter 16_ Facial Massage

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What action should you not use on the center of the neck?
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What are the variations of friction?chucking rolling wringingWhat is fulling?form of petrissageWhat is hacking?chopping movement performed with the edges of the handsWhat is a characteristic of manual lymph drainage?gentle, rythmic pressureWhat is the term for manual or mechanical manipulation of the body by using movements to increase metabolism and circulation among other effects?massageWhat improves overall metabolism and activates sluggish skin?massageWhat should be performed for aprox 10-15 min during a facial?facial massageWhat must estheticians be in order to perform deep tissue work?licensed massage therapistsWhere should massage movements begin?insertionWhat do inflamed acne, open lesions, and sunburn have in common?massage is contraindicated for clients with these conditionsWhen should you avoid vigorous massage?when a client has arthritis or other painWhen should you advise a client with reservations about facial massage to speak with a physician?before performing a massageWhat types of movements are used in petrissage?kneadingWhere do you perform pressure when performing reflexology?feetWhat is rolling?pressing and twisting tissues using a back and forth movementWhat is not a type of movement characteristic of tapotement?kneadingWhat are the movement characteristics of tapotement?tapping slapping hackingWhat is a form of acupressure?shiatsuWhat part of the estheticians body must be flexible during slapping to ensure that the palms come into proper contact with the body?wristsWhat type of movements are used in vibration?rapid shakingWhen do the body's reflex receptors increase blood and lymph flow resulting in a state of relaxation?when touch is sensed by the bodyWhat does the central nervous system trigger when affected by massage?relaxationTo whom should you refer a client who wants a full body massage?licensed massage therapistWhat information can be found by referring to licensing regulations?scope of practiceWhat should you do during effleurage in order to avoid scratching the client?avoid using the ends of your fingertipsWhat is true of tapotement?it is the most stimulating form of massageHow long should vibration be used on any one spot of the body?no more than a few secondsWhat is true of the left and right sides of the areas being massaged?movements should be duplicated on both the right and left sidesWhat everyday movement is somewhat similar to the Dr. Jacquet movement?squeezing the peel of an orange to make juice spray outWhat type of movements are appropriate when massaging the area of beard growth on male clients?downward