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Agra, India

location of Taj Mahal

Pacific Ocean

Asia's eastern border

Arctic Ocean

Asia's northern border

Indian Ocean

Asia's southern border

Europe, the Black Sea, the Greek islands, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea

Asia's western border

Gupta dynasty

dynasty that unified northern INdia

Huns and Muslims

people among the invaders who conquered parts of Asia


Asian leader who seized power in parts of northern India and began the Mogul dynasty


greatest Mogul emperor

won the loyalty of his non-Muslim subjects and taxed everyone equal

what Akbar accomplished during his reign

most of the Indian subcontinent

who Akbar brought under hir rule


Akbar's capital city

generals, governors, administrators, and clerks

what people served as under Akbar

Shah Jahan

Akbar's grandson who built the Taj Mahal

Mumtaz Mahal

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of


grandson of Shah Jahan and was a very harsh ruler in the Mogul empire

forced non-Muslims to pay a special tax and destroyed many Hindu temples

what Aurangzeb did to the people in his empire


what the people of the Mogul empire did because of Aurangzeb

Forbidden City

palace complex built for the emperor and his family during the Sui dynasty

hight taxes and forced labor

what caused the collapse of the Sui dynasty

Tang dynasty

dynasty considered the greatest dynasty

Wu Hou

China's first female ruler who ruled the Tang dynasty

strengthened civil service exams, literature and fine arts flourished, and trade expanded and contact with our cultures of Western Asia increased

what happened under Wu hou


what Wu Hou required for her exams

Song dynasty

dynasty that united warring groups and established a strong central rule

trade provided a large source of income for the empire, the iron plow improved agriculture, and iron was used for armor and construction material

what happened under the Song dynasty


another name for Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan's greatest weapon

northern China and Persia, southern China and Burma

areas the MOngol dynasty conquered

Kublai Khan

Genghis Khan's grandson

Mongol dynasty

dynasty ruled by the Khans

first non-Chinese ruler, improvements made in conquered lands, assured that water travel was safe

achievements of the Mongol dynasty

conflict and natural disasters

how the Mongol dynasty came to an end

100 million

amount of people Ming dynasty ruled at its height

strengthened and added onto the Great Wall, built Forbidden City, entered little contact with others, explored

achievements made by Ming dynasty


where the Forbidden City was located

Zheng He

Ming dynasty explorer who led expeditions to the west

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