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LU Bibl 104 wk 4

The Last of the Judges
Harbin Ch 11
Why did God reject Eli's family from priesthood?
Eli had honored his sons above God, knowing his son's wrong doings ( they robbed the peopel's sacrrifices and slept with the women who served in the tabernacle) he acquiesed to their behavior.
What was significant about the birth and childhood of Samuel?
Saul's mother Hannah had prayed to God for a son if granted she would give him to God. God heard her prayer and Samuel was brought to tabernacle to serve God.
Why did the Israelites decide they needed a king?
They had grown tired of foreign oppression and were no longer willing to put up with such corruption
What were the good features that made Saul appear to be the right choice at first?
He stood a full head taller than anyone else.
What were Saul's fatal character flaws, and how did he demonstrate them?
He tended to act inpetuously.
he couldn't seem to differentiate clearly between YHWH and the gods of the Canaanites. Disobedience to God.
He didn't understand Spiritual dimension
What did God look for in a king?
A man after God's own heart.
How did David show that he had kingly qualities?
Fighting in single combat on behalf of the entire nation.
Contrast David and Saul during the years after David was anointed.
David understood the spiritual dimension and was confident that YHWH, who protected him because the battle was his and he had a high reguard for YHWH.
What was tragic about Saul's death?
Saul had been injured by archers and did not want to be captured by Philistines. Saul fell on his sword and commited suicide on the battlefield.
Chapter 12
A Kingdom United
Describe how David exhibited his faith in times of adversity as Saul pursued him.
He twice had the opportunity to kill the king but refused.
What is the function of psalms?
to guide the nation to worship
How do the different types of psalms achieve this?
Laments- expression of grief or sorrow
Songs of trust
songs of confession
Praise psalms / descriptive praise psalms
royal psalms
Why was David at first crowned king of Judah only?
after inquiring of God, David moved from Ziklag back into land of Judah and settled in Hebron, Caleb's city.
What are the steps that led to David's becoming king of the entire nation?
Requesting to have Michal, his first wife brought back to him. And executing the 2 generals that beheaded Ish-Bosheth.
Why was David not allowed to build a temple?
he was a warrior and had shed blood
How did David demonstrate his human weaknesses?
spending the night with Bathsheba.
Describe the process by which Solomon became king.
he was anointed with David's approval by 2 priest, Nathan and Zadok. that David and God desired for Solomon to become king.
What is the function of Proverbs?
To teach wisdom. Skill in living. It identifies the best things a person can do to promote a successful life.
Contrast Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
Proverbs was written by Solomon as a young man
Ecclesiastes was composed when he was older after he realized the mistakes he had made in being led away from God.
What was Solomon's greatest building project?
The construction of the temple.
Why was it so significant?
This was the project David had hoped to accomplish but was denied him.
What led to Solomon's failure?
Solomon lost his spiritual zeal. Solomons toleration of and support for worship of other gods.
Chapter 13
The Failure of the North
Why did the northern tribes leave the kingdom of Israel?
Those that didn't accept the new religion established by Jeroboam. Those that worshiped YHWH migrated south.
What steps did Jeroboam take to establish a separate identity for the Northern Kingdom?
Built a new capital at Shechem and establish a new religious structure to keep the people from going to Jerusalem.
Why is Omri largely ignored in the biblical record?
He was evil like his predecessors and even worse.
What did Ahab do that showed the direction the Northern Kingdom was going?
He served Jezebel's pagan gods : Baal and the Asherah
What is the significance of Jezebel?
She was a strong fearless woman who had most men afraid of her.
What was the function of a prophet,
God's spokesperson to reveal God's intentions in terms of specific action in space-time history
how was that function fulfilled?
1. Reconcile human beings to Himself
2. Announce judgement over nations or persons who disobeyed God
3. A combination of God's intervening in history and God's knowing how created beings would act
Compare the ministries of Elijah and Elisha.
Elisha performed twice as many supernormal events/ miracles
What is the significance of Micaiah?
he spoke the truth, but revealed things to come.
He foretold Ahab his death in the upcoming battle
He was able to see in the spiritual realm
Who was Jehu?
general who killed the king (Joram) of Northern and (Ahaziah) Southern Kingdom's and then Jezebel after being appointed king by Elisha
What was the distinctive mission given to Jonah?
To deliver the message of YHWH as the people repented at the preachings viewing YHWH as an international God.
Summarize the message of Amos.
The day of the Lord [YHWH]. When God intervenes in history to advance His overall program.
How did Hosea try to convey his message to the Northern Kingdom?
repentance and return. The promise was that if the nation do so, it would be forgiven and healed.
How did the Northern Kingdom end?
in exile cause the people had adopted the pagan worship.
Fee & Stuart pp 181-204
The Prophets: Enforcing the Covenant in Isreal
Know the rationale behind the use of the terms 'minor' prophets
Shorter in length
major prophets
long/ larger books
What are some of the main reasons the prophetic books are so difficult to interpret and read
Misunderstandings as to their function and form. An inaccurate prior understanding of the word "prophecy".
What did most of the "predictions" of the OT prophets deal with directly?
Speak for God to their own contemporaries
Why is historical distance a problem as it relates to understanding the prophet?
Modern readers will find it much harder to understand in our own time the Word of God as it was spoken by the prophets than did the Isrealites who heard those same words in person.
Know "The Function of Prophecy in Israel."
1. The prophets were covenant enforcement mediators.
2. The prophets messagte was not their own, but God's
3. The prophets were God's direct representative
4. The prophets message is unoriginal
Understand the concept of "blessing and curses" in prophecy.
Blessings - life, health, prosperity, agricultural abundance, respect and safety
Curses - death, disease, drought, danger, destruction, defeat, drought, deportation, destitution, and disgrace.
Why is historical context, date of the oracle, and audience important in our study of the prophetic books?
Contributes to your ability to comprehend an oracle.
Know "The Forms of Prophetic Utterances."
The Lawsuit
The Enactment Prophecy
The Promise
The Messenger Speech
The Woe
The Prophets as Poets
What key advantage do the author's mention that poetry has over prose?
The second or subsequent line contrasts the thought of the first. often reinforcing the first line by the contrast.
True or False: Most of the events the prophets predicted are now in our past?