Milady Chapter 17_ Facial Machine

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How does dehydrated skin appear under the woods lamp?
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What is sebum transformed into via the chemical reaction of saponification?soapWhat is not true of sinusoidal current?use on the scalp is contraindicatedwhat is a misting device used for in facial treatments?spray machineWhat is a heat effect that is used for permanent hair removal?thermolysisWhat is the purpose of a vacuum machine?removing impurities and stimulating circulationWhat type of light does a woods lamp use?black lightWhen should you ask a client to get a doctors note?if you have doubts about whether the client can have electrotherapyWhen in the process of using electrical devices should you ask clients to remove jewelry?before beginning the procedureWhat is forced into tissues during anaphoresis?negative liquidsWhat device is used for cataphoresis?galvanic currentWhat is emulsified or liquefied during desincrustation?sebum and debrisWhat is the term for the use of electronic devices for therapeutic benefits?electrotherapyWhat is not true of galvanic current?it is contraindicated for the faceWhat sort of effect is generated by a high-frequency machine?strong heatWhat are ions?atoms or molecules carrying any electrical chargeWhat is ionization?process of separating a substance into ionsWhat does iontophoresis create?acidic reaction that contracts the skinWhat term refers to an atomizer designed to apply plant extracts and other ingredients to the skin?lucas sprayerWhat should you do with your steamer once steam is visible?turn on the second switch ( ozone or vaporizer)What should you do with your steamer after each use?clean and disinfect itWhat is not true about essential oils as they relate to the process of using the steamer?they should be deposited directly into the steamers water supplyWhat treatment can be replaced with the use of a vacuum machine?massageWhat purpose does a piece of cotton serve when inserted into the hand piece of a vacuum machine?filtrationWhat can you avoid by lifting your finger off the hold of a vacuum machine before lifting the device off the face?pulling the skinWhat sort of storage is appropriate for vacuum-machine tips?covered containerWhat type of skin is helped by desincrustation because the process helps soften and relax the debris in the follicles?oilyWhere is an appropriate place to warm cotton pads and products?towel warmerHow often should you clean the inside of the hot-towel cabinet with a topical disinfectant?after each client sessionWhat should you do to the water catchment tray underneath the hot towel cabinets caddy on a daily basis?empty, clean, and disinfect itWhat is the most common magnification for magnifying lamps measured in diopters?5What is not a common cause of eyestrain?steam in the treatment roomWhat is sometimes known as the loupe?magnifying lampWhen should you loosen the adjustment knob on your magnifying lamp?whenever you move the armWhat should you avoid using on the lens of your magnifying lamp?paper productsHow will a thick corneum layer appear under the woods lamp?white fluorescenceWhat skin conditions does the wood lamp reveal?fungi, bacterial disorders, pigmentation problemsWhat are the two main reactions of the galvanic current?chemical desincrustation and ionic iontophoresisWhat are the benefits of electric mitts and boots?heat hands and feet to increase circulation and to promote overall relaxationWhat are the contraindications of electrotherapy?heart patients, pacemakers, metal implants, braces, pregnancy, epilepsy or seizure disorders