Human Development Chapter 17

Drug abuse does not lead to drug addiction
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Adults condone more sexual activity among young men than among young womenTrueRisk that are more common in emerging adulthood than any other time include unprotected sex with a new partner, driving without a seatbelt, carrying a loaded gun, abusing drugs, and addictive gamblingTrueThe process of Aging begins in late adolescence, but few emerging adults are aware that their cells are agingTruemales gain more body fat than females during emerging adulthoodFalsenew students in college usually do not care a great deal about looking goodFalsehistorically, most babies were born before their mothers reach 18 years of age.Falserecent statistics show that emerging adults are following the traditional sequence of marriage prior to ParenthoodFalseif it gets chilly, homeostasis causes pores to constrict and bodies to shiverTrue