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80. Trace the states economic development and growth toward economic diversity (e.g., fur trade, tourism, technology) (H-1D-M5)


Economic ___ means that Louisiana does not have "all its eggs in one basket."


Native Americans harvested ___ from rivers as a staple of their diets.


___ has always been an important natural resource in Louisiana.


The French came to Louisiana seeking ___ for the fur trade.


The French generally had better relations with the Native Americans because they sought ___ rather than conquest.


Early settlers used ___ to build homes and ships.


Louisiana's ___ and cypress forests were cut down by northern logging companies from the 1880s to the early 20th Century.


Today much of Louisiana's forest products industry is based on ___ trees that are grown for pulp wood.

cash crop

The first ___ in Louisiana was sugar.


Sugar cane ___ developed in south Louisiana before cotton ___ developed in north Louisiana.


___ plantations used slave labor.

Eli Whitney

___ invented the cotton gin in 1793.

cotton gin

The ___ made large-scale production economically viable by reducing the need for laborers to remove seeds by hand.


The demand for ___-farming land brought white planters and their African-American slaves to Louisiana.


Salt mines in south Louisiana were a target in the ___ River Campaign of the Civil War.


___ deposits were often discovered in the process of oil exploration.

Herman Frasch

___ invented a method of forcing boiling water down a pipe into solid sulfur deposits. The liquified sulfur was then pumped to the surface.


The Frasch method broke the ___ monopoly on sulfur mining in the 1890s.


Rice cultivation in antebellum Louisiana was mainly in the ___ of south Louisiana. Natural flooding irrigated the fields.


Mechanized farming made large-scale commercial ___ production possible in many areas of the state in the 20th Century.


___ became a more important crop for Louisiana in the last half of the 20th century as the production of traditional cash crops declined.


A soybean disease carried across the Gulf of Mexico by a ___ caused some damage to soybeans in recent years.


The first commercial oil well in Louisiana was established at ___ in 1901.


Oil exploration started in ___ Parish in 1904.

Caddo Lake

The first off-shore oil platform was built on ___.


Louisiana's dependence on the ___ business made the collapse in the price during the 1980s especially painful.


___ is a growing industry for Louisiana. The low value of the American dollar makes the United States an attractive destination for Europeans and others from nations with strong currencies.


Hurricane Katrina damaged the tourism industry and required Louisiana to ___ that it remains a great destination.


Specialization is economically rewarding if the economic niche remains ___.


Inevitably, changes will occur that upset an economic ___.


A balance of specialization and economic diversification permits Louisiana to build on its strengths while avoiding ___ on any one niche that will eventually change.

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