BESC 201 - Quiz 4 (Ch 7 & 8)


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Regarding the issue of global warming, until the hurricane season of 2005, the federal government's official stance was that the information available from the scientific community was neither conclusive nor persuasive. This governmental position was probably due to ________.
the private sector's resistance to changing its practices and strategies
Green taxes ____.
may affect CONSUMERS if the companies paying the taxes raise the price of their product
The revolving door _____.
is the movement of powerful officials between the private sector and government agencies
Fires on the Cuyahoga River raised concerns that contributed to ________.
the passage of the Clean Water Act of 1972
Cap-and-trade is a system that ______.
permits industries that pollute at levels BELOW the federal CAP to SELL credits to industries that pollute at levels ABOVE the cap
Environmental policy aims to _____.
promote fairness among people and groups in the use of resources
Lobbying is one strategy employed by _____ to influence governmental environmental policies.
environmental advocacy groups and the American Petroleum Institute
How does the EPA affect environmental policy?
The EPA DEVELOPS rules and regulations based on laws passed by Congress.
Regarding environmental laws and the US Constitution _____.
state laws cannot violate the Constitution
The creation of our National Wildlife Refuge system has been credited to what U.S. president?
Theodore Roosevelt
In the US, wetlands are primarily considered to be ______.
important because they provide many valuable ecosystems services
If global fertility rates remain at 2005-2010 levels, the United Nations predicts that world population will be approximately ________ billion in 2050.
If a population roughly doubles in the course of 50 years, its growth rate would be close to ________%
Malthus was responsible for ________.
the idea that without social restrictions, human population growth would lead to famine and war
Recent research suggests that ________ has/have contributed to the large drop in fertility rates in Brazil over the past several decades.
The richest one-fifth of the world's population possesses approximately ________ times the income of the poorest one-fifth, and the richest one-fifth uses over 86% of the world's resources.
According to the IPAT model, technology that enhances our acquisition of minerals, fossil fuels, timber, and ocean fish ________.
The most serious problem caused by population growth is ________.
A graph of world population growth over the past 500 years most closely resembled the letter ________.
If there is ________, a country's population growth rate will increase.