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smallest living unit

cell theory

1) all living things are composed of cells
2) cells are the basic unit of structure and function of life
3) new cells come from old cells --> life comes from life


structure that performs job inside a cell


do not keep DNA in nucleus


keep DNA safe in a nucleus


holds and keeps DNA safe; a vault for DNA; plants/animals


produces ribosomes; plants/animals


produce protein; plants/animals


involved in cell division; animals

cell wall

protects inside of cell from injury and gives cell structure; plants/animals

cell membrane

separates inner and exterior cell; acts like glue to hold cell together; plants/animals


captures light energy to conserve free energy; plants


isolates harmful material, removes waste, exports unwanted material, holds water in plant cells; plants/animals


converts energy stored in food into compounds that the cell uses


Portion of the cell outside the nucleus, holds all the organelles together


Break down proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell

smooth endoplasmic reticulum

stores steriods

rough endoplasmic reticulum

involved in the making of proteins

golgi aparatus

modifies, sorts, packages & "ships" proteins


Store and transport materials between cell organelles

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