Module 2, Quiz 2

Agricultural cultural operation where animals are kept and raised in confined area for at least 45 days a year. There isn't enough grass in the confinement area to support the population:

a) AFO
c) Monoculure
d) Integrated Pest Management
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When animals in a CAFO walk on dry manure it breaks down to dust and pollutants become airborne. This describes: a) groundwater leaching b) greenhouse gas emissions c) particulate matter pollutants d) antibiotic resistancec) particulate matter pollutantsCAFO's pollute the air in these two ways: a) gas emissions and particulate matter b) coal burning and pesticides c) salt buildup and soil erosion d) regulations prevent all CAFO pollutiona) gas emissions and particulate matterT/F CAFO's cause housing prices to fallTrue! Pollution and odors cause housing prices to be significantly lower near a CAFOThe major source of pathogens at CAFO's comes from: a) insects b) manure c) tractors d) fossil fuelsb) manureThere is strong evidence that antibiotics in animal feed is contributing to: a) more insects on CAFO's b) higher death rates among livestock c) Right to Farm laws d) antibiotic resistance in humansd) antibiotic resistance in humansWhen people protested against CAFO's being built in their communities, the government passed: a) Anti-farming laws to protect home owners b) Anti-farming laws to protect animal rights c) Right to Farm laws to protect farmers d) the government did not take actionc) Right to Farm laws to protect farmersThe main complaint the Board of Health had to investigate in the Tewksbury Board of Health case study was: a) antibiotic resistance in cows b) protesters blocking the farm entrance for employees c) odors coming from the pigs d) moldy animal feedc) odors coming from the pigsIn the Wood County Board of Health case study, how was the board of health able to help community residents? a) Pass new regulations in the legislature b) Well water testing and insect monitoring c) Media coverage for residents d) No help was offeredb) Well water testing and insect monitoringBoard of Health can assist in these 3 areas: (choose 3) a) Assessment b) Policy Development c) Assurance d) Personal lawsuitsa) Assessment b) Policy Development c) AssuranceT/F Board of Health recommendations can be turned down if they violate existing state lawTrue Board of Health recommendations do not always hold up in court. Boards of Health have to walk a fine line between the community, the farmers and state law.