Drug Effects Terminology

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Anti-inflammatoryA drug that reduces inflammationAntitussivea drug that reduces coughingAntiemetica drug that reduces vomitingEmetica drug that induces vomitingDiuretica drug that increases the rate of urine formationExpectoranta drug that increases secretions of the upper respiratory tractCathartica drug that induces defecationLaxativea drug that eases defecationAbortifacienta drug that induces abortionCaustican agent that causes tissue necrosisAstringentan agent that has a drying effect on tissueStyptican agent that stops minor capillary hemorrhageHemostatican agent that controls more serious hemorrhageParasiticidea drug that kills external parasitesAnthelmintica drug that kills intestinal parasitesBacteriostatica drug that inhibits the growth or reproduction of bacteriaBacteriocidala drug that kills bacteriaVirucidala drug that kills virusesFungicidala drug that kills fungiDisinfectantan agent used on inanimate surfaces that kills microorganismsAntiseptican agent used on tissue that kills microorganisms