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Quiz chapter 9

The Greeks used the word polis to refere to
the city-state
under the leadership of____Athens became the most sophisticated of the polis.
The Spartans were constantly afraid of the prospect of an uprising be serfs known as
In the Republic, Plato proposed that the true rulers of society should be
philosopher kings
Of all the Hellenistic empires, Greek infulence was greatest in
the Seleucid realm
believed that philosophers could rely on their senses
The most distinctive feauture of classical Greek culture was the effort to construct a consistent system of philosophy based purely on____.
human reason
The Mycenaeans received early indirect influence from the Egyptians and Phoenicians through their contract through the
The leader who forged a comprimise between then's social classes by allowing the aristocrats to keep their land while also providing representations for the common classes was
Socrates believed that___was more important than wealth or fame
human reason
The____ empire was the wealthiest of the Hellenistic empires.
Of the natural diasters that plagued the Minoans, the most devastating was the volcanic eruptions in 1628 on the Island of
Which of the Hellenistic philosophies viewed pleasures at the greatest good?
The Persian king___viewed the naval loss of Salamis.
Socrates believed that it was most important to try and understand
human nature
The Greeks used the word___to refer to generals or poloticians who, although often popular, gained power by irregular means.
Athenian democracy was open to
all Athanian citizens
In which polis did woman have the most freedom?
The center of the Hellenistic world was
By 338 BCE the Greeks had fallen to
Phillip II
Which of the following events occured during the time of Pericles?
All answers
The Mycenaens adapted the Minoan written language to their own needs and developed a syllabic script called
Linear B
All of the following came about because of Greek colonization except
political unification
The best example of Minoan cultural brilliance can be seen in the remains at
The political world of the Ancient Greeks
usually consisted of independent, autonomous city-states
The largest part of Alexander's conquests, essentially the former Achaemenid empire, was taken over by
The role of woman in the Greek world
was limited in a strictly patriarchal society
The eastern most point of Alexander's conquest was
The decisive naval battle of Persian war was fought at
Sappho was
the most influencial Greek poet
The Minoans wrote with a script known as___, which is not yet deciphered
Linear A
Which of the Hellenistic philosophies considered all human beings to be members of a single, universal family?
Distinction among the ancient Spartans came from
dicipline and military talent
The Homeric epic the Iliad deals with
the war to capture Troy
The Golden Age of Greece came to an end after the
Peloponnesian War