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  1. osis
  2. anoxia hypoxia
  3. thorac thoracocentesis
  4. pulmonary thrombus
  5. thoracic surgery
  1. a chest puncture (-centesis ) of the chest to remove fluids
  2. b blood clot that doesn't travel.
  3. c Surgery involving the rib cage and structures contained within the chest.
  4. d Absence or deficiency of oxygen in the tissues.
  5. e abnormal condition

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  1. blood condition
  2. forming an opening (-stomy) by incising the skin over the trachea to permit an open airway A tracheostomy is performed as an emergency procedure when the airway is blocked
  3. tempory cessation of breathing or respirations
  4. pleura pertaining to (-itic) an inflamation of the pleura
  5. chest instrument (-scope) used to transmit sounds produced by the body

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  1. anoxemia hypoxemiaAbsence or deficiency of oxygen in the tissues.


  2. ortho orthopneaCondition in which breathing is easier in an upright position, either sitting or standing.


  3. bronchiolesmaller (-ole) tubular branches that are extensions of the bronchi


  4. dys dysphonisBluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the prescence of reduced hemoglobin


  5. nasalcondition