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  1. epiglottis
  2. pulmonary embolus (PE)
  3. thoracic surgery
  4. rhinoplasty
  5. pneumon pneumonia
  1. a the uppermost cartilage which closes over the top of the larynx during swalling to prevent food entry into the airway
  2. b Blood clot or other mateial that travels through the bloodstream and lodges in the pulmonary vessels. Blood or heart.
  3. c Surgery involving the rib cage and structures contained within the chest.
  4. d surgical repair (-plasty) of the nose to correct an anatomic defect or for cosmetic purposes
  5. e lung

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  1. blood spitting (-ptysis) up blood
  2. slow slow breathing (-pnea)
  3. rapid rapid breathing (-pnea)
  4. straight labored breathing (-pnea) that occurs when lying flat and is relieed by sitting up one of the classic symptoms of ventricular heart failure
  5. pertaining to (-ar) the microscopic air sacs (alveoli) at the end of the bronchioles

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  1. bradypneatempory cessation of breathing or respirations


  2. nasalwithout


  3. lobectomylobe excision (-ectomy) of a lobe of any organ or gland


  4. ox anoxiaoxygen an abnormal condition (-is) characterized by a lack of oxygen the prefix an- means "without" "not"


  5. dyspneatempory cessation of breathing or respirations


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