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  1. nas & rhin
  2. anoxemia hypoxemia
  3. eu eupnea
  4. pulmonary edema
  5. Hyper hypercapnia
  1. a nose
  2. b good normal normal breathing (-pnea)
  3. c Accumulation of fluid in the alveoli and interstitial spaces; most common cause is left sided congestive heart failure.
  4. d Absence or deficency of oxygen in the blood.
  5. e excessive, above normal excess amount of carbon dioxide (-capnia) in the blood

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  1. Blood clot or other mateial that travels through the bloodstream and lodges in the pulmonary vessels. Blood or heart.
  2. Condition in which breathing is easier in an upright position, either sitting or standing.
  3. blood spitting (-ptysis) up blood
  4. pertaining to (-ar) the microscopic air sacs (alveoli) at the end of the bronchioles
  5. Surgical opening through the base of the neck into the treacha for the insertion of a tube to create an open airway. The person breathes through this opening bypassing the upper airways.

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  1. anoxia hypoxiaAbsence or deficency of oxygen in the blood.


  2. pneumon pneumoniaair lung collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity


  3. pectoralpertaining to the chest


  4. oxoxygen


  5. thoracic surgeryA surgical incision that opens the chest for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.