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  1. pulmonary absecess
  2. pharyngoscopy
  3. auscultation
  4. nasal
  5. cyan
  1. a visual examination (-scopy) of the throat
  2. b pertaining to the nose
  3. c blue
  4. d use of the stethoscope to listen to sounds within the body, especially in the chest neck and abdomen; used to detect crackels or wheezes in the lungs, pleural rubs, and other physiological phenomena.
  5. e Localized colledtion of puss in the lunngs.

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  1. tempory cessation of breathing or respirations
  2. blood clot that doesn't travel.
  3. Insertion of a nedle between the ribs and into the pleural space.
  4. the exchange of gases between the air in the lungs and the bloodstream
  5. pertaining to (-ar) the microscopic air sacs (alveoli) at the end of the bronchioles

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  1. pulmonary embolus (PE)Localized colledtion of puss in the lunngs.


  2. ortho orthopneaCondition in which breathing is easier in an upright position, either sitting or standing.


  3. emiablood condition


  4. cronic obstructive pulmonary didease COPDAny pathological process with cronic obstruction of thd bronchial tubes


  5. pleur pleuriticpleura pertaining to (-itic) an inflamation of the pleura