Phrases for speaking (Сделано с Ником Амбар)

get through the red tape
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At the end of the day...................... you will have to decide where you want to thing that strikes me about...То, что меня поражает относительно call it a dayTo stop working for the rest of the dayto call the shotsto be in control of situationto be on the same wavelengthto share similar opinions and ideasto read between the linesto understand what is implied but not necessarily saidthe be-all and end-allprime cause : essential elementin this day and ageidiom. now or in the present now; in these modern timesa fresh starta new beginningto go round in circlesnot getting anywhereat the end of the dayThis is used to mean 'in conclusion' or 'when all is said and done'.to wear your heart on your sleeveto make your feelings and emotions obvious rather than hiding them