How is the growth of algae regulated in coral ecosystems?

a. By the action of various other species living in the ecosystem
b. Corals secrete herbicide substances
c. By the depth inducing a loss of light for the algae
d. Corals take up space first
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What is the common point of the species who lived in the sand/muddle ecosystem? a. They are all carnivores or scavengers b. They are sand colored c. They hunt on the prowl d. They go unnoticedd. They go unnoticedWhat is the strategy developed by living sessile species in the rocky coast ecosystem? a. They protect themselves from sun b. They protect themselves from the movements of water c. They protect themselves from salt d. They protect themselves from temperature fluctuationsc. They protect themselves from saltIn which ecosystem can we find juvenile fish? a. The scree ecosystem b. All c. Shallow rocky bottoms d. Seagrass meadowsb. AllWhat is the main parameter that distinguishes the establishment of the three species of protected marine plants in the Mediterranean? a. The water movements b. The ground c. The light d. The salinityb. The groundWho can destroy, naturally, the ecosystem of coralligenous? a. Herbivorous species who will eat constructive algae b. Parasitic species c. Borers species d. The gorgon eatersc. Borers speciesHow are the coralligenous formed? a. By large colonies of fixed animals b. By minerals deposits by sedimentation c. By symbiotic organisms d. By successive layers of algaed. By successive layers of algaeWho are the three marine flowering plants in the Mediterranean Sea?Posidonia, Cymodocea, ZosteraWhat is the particularity of the marines cave ecosystem? a. It's a deep ecosystem b. It's a calm ecosystem c. It's a homogeneous ecosystem d. It's an oligotrophic ecosystemd. It's an oligotrophic ecosystemHow do seagrass beds protect the coast from erosion? a. By breaking the waves b. By holding back the sand c. Through their dead leaves deposited on the beach d. By putting sand back on the beachc. Through their dead leaves deposited on the beachWho takes the space of primary producers in the ecosystem of sea caves? a. Bryozoans in majority b. Tube worms in majority c. Tunicates in majority d. Sponges in majorityd. Sponges in majority