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Computer Accessibility


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Keyboard modifications
Sticky keys
Filter Keys
Toggle Keys
Mouse Keys
Sticky Keys
Allows a one handed user to create "two keyed" characters without having to press both keys at the same time
Make a capital without hitting caps-lock.
Make capital letters, symbols, CTRL-ALT-DELETE
Turn on in Ease of Access from the control panel or hit shift five times
Filter Keys
Slow keys- ignores or slows down repeated keystrokes
Ex: eliminatessssssss (will take out the excess letters)
The time can be adjusted to the users needs
Toggle Keys
Creates a noise when CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK is pressed
More for someone to get auditory feedback while typing.
Mouse Keys
Allows you to use arrow keys to navigate around the keyboard
Onscreen keyboards (Windows vs. Mac)
-Located in the accessibility options
-In Windows 8 tablets, it can be accessed with gestures

-Located in the language and text panel
-International - Input Manu - Keyboard Viewer
Integrated Word Q Word Protection
Multiple Access Methods
Word Prediction
Originally developed to reduce typing effort and increase typing speed
Microsoft On-Screen
The Swype for the PC is not available quite yet, it is in the research phase.
Now available for iOS
Mouse Settings
Mouse Pointer: size, color, speed
Mouse Clicking: speed
Switching primary buttons
Show Location (control keys)
Pointer Trails
Switch primary and secondary buttons
Early Learning/ OA
Windows Only
Double Click Speed
Click Lock
Lock "left click"
Don't have to hold it down
Windows Only
Pointer Options
Pointer Speed
Snap to (W)
Cursor auto "snap" to default button "apply" or "ask" in a dialog box
The cursor snaps to a box that pops-up so you can click "OK" or "cancel" without moving the mouse
Pointer Trails: a line of mouse cursors that follow the mouse. Used for a visual cue
Hide: when typing
Location (W): CTRL Key to find the point
A large mouse cursor
There is a software for modifying the cursor
Mouse Software
Mouse Wrap/Edgeless
Mouse cursor wraps around screen
Eliminates need to click using dwell