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produce ethanol

Under anaerobic conditions, yeast cells

Endocytosis, phagocytosis, pinocytosis

Mechanisms for bringing material into the cell


If an anoxygenic photosynthetic bacterium uses hydrogen sulfide as an electron source, the waste product produced is


The random movement of solute from regions of high concentration to regions of lower concentration is called


The purpose of fermentation is to recycle


As energy is converted through various forms, some is continuously lost as


A key metabolic intermediate compound that is found in both glycolysis and the Calvin Cycle

gap junctions

In plants, plasmodesmata serve essentially the same function as _______ in animals

Tight cell junctions

_______________ result in a waterproof "seam" between two cells.

aerobic respiration

The reaction C₆H₁₂O₆+6O₂→6CO₂+6H₂O, when it occurs in living cells is known as


The process common to all living organisms, aerobic and anaerobic, is


Photosystem II absorbs photons that are slightly more energetic than photosystem I, but similarly pass this energy to a reaction center pigment called


The process often thought of as "cell eating" is

more ATP

One of the disadvantages of the C4 pathway is that it requires


When an enzyme is working at its maximum reaction rate, and the addition of more substrate does not increase the reaction rate, _______ has occurred.


For each turn of the Krebs cycle, ____, molecule of ATP equivalents is produced


The sum of all chemical reactions within an organism is called


A single glucose molecule can drive the Krebs cycle _____ turns


Enzyme names usually end with


The enzymes catalyzing the reactions of glycolysis occur in the

Chemiosmotic formation of ATP

_________________is common to both aerobic respiration and the light reactions of photosynthesis

a better induced fit

When the substrate is bound to the enzyme, the shape of the enzyme may change slightly, leading to

competitive inhibitor

When an enzyme inhibitor structurally resembles an enzyme's substrate, it is called a

Photosystem II

__________can be used in linear PET, but not cyclic PET


Reactions that DO NOT proceed spontaneously because they require energy from an outside source are called

allosteric sites

The sites where molecules other than reactants bind in an enzyme to alter its activity are called


_____ revolutions of the C3 cycle are required to produce the net equivalent of sucrose


The enzymes of the Krebs cycle are located in the


In photosystem I, light energy captured by pigment molecules is passed on to a special pair of chlorophyll molecules called

C4 photosynthsis

The CAM pathway is most similar to

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