Chemistry for Embalmers Midterm/Test Review

An element that has an atomic number of 4 and an atomic weight of 9 will have ___ neutrons and a valence of ___

A) 5 / +2
B) 5 / -2
C) 4 / +1
D) 4 / -1
E) 13 / +2
F) 13 / -2
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Allotropes contain a differing number of neutrons A) true B) falseBWhat term describes the breakdown of water? A) oxidation B) ionization C) hydrolysis D) sublimation E) reduction F) hygroscopicity G) analysisAWhat is an alkane that loses a hydrogen? A) alkene B) functional group C) halide D) alkyl group E) aromatic radicalDAl2S3 is a/an: A) oxide B) base C) binary acid D) ternary acid E) binary saltEAtoms of the same elements that have a different number of neutrons are: A) ions B) allotropes C) isomers D) charged atoms E) isotopes F) neutralEStructural formula for methyl amineCH3NH2Pb3(PO4)2 is named: A) lead phosphite B) phosphoric phosphate C) lead phosphorous D) phosphorus phosphate E) phosphoro phosphic F) lead phosphateFThe structural formula for propaneCH3CH2CH3Amine general formula: A) R-NH3 B) R-COOH C) NH3 D) NH2 E) NH4 F) Ar-NH2 G) R-NH2GNon-metals are electron donors A) True B) FalseBWhich of the following statements is correct? A) Glycol is a trihydroxy alcohol while glycerol is a dihydroxy alcohol B) Glycol is a dihydroxy alcohol while glycerol is a trihydroxy alcoholBOxidation is defined as the addition of hydrogen or the removal of oxygen from a compound. A) True B) FalseBA polyhydroxy alcohol used in the synthesis of vitamin C is sorbitol. A) True B) FalseASaturated hydrocarbons contain carbon atoms joined by a double or triple bond. A) True B) FalseBChoose the answer that correctly matches the polymer (left side) to the corresponding monomer (right side) A) starch --- amino acids B) protein --- monosaccharides C) polysaccharides --- simple sugars D) amino acids --- proteinsCWhich is the correct number of -OH groups that are found in a tertiary alcohol? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) noneAToluene's structure consists of a ___ radical attached to a benzene ring. A) methyl B) ethyl C) propyl D) butylAMethane is a/an ___ that arises from the decomposition of animal matter. A) alkyne B) halide C) alkane D) alkeneCOne of the products of the fermentation of the monosaccharide glucose is: A) ethanal B) ethanol C) methanol D) glycolBOrganic compounds that have carbons that bond together to form a closed ring structure are classified as ___ while compounds with carbons connected in an open chain are classified as ___ A) aliphatic, carbocyclic B) carbocyclic, aliphatic C) heterocyclic, aliphatic D) oxycyclic, aliphaticBThe full oxidation of a ___ results in an organic acid being formed. A) tertiary alcohol B) ketone C) secondary alcohol D) primary alcoholDWhich of the following would isomers have in common? A) molecular formula B) chemical properties C) physical properties D) structural formulaAWhich compound is not matched with its correct alternate name? A) methane - marsh gas B) carbolic acid - propanal C) acetylene - ethylene D) isopropyl alcohol - rubbing alcoholB (phenol =/ propionaldehyde)Glycerol is also known as glycerin A) true B) falseTrueThe hydrocarbon with the molecular formula C3H4 is propene A) true B) falseBThe aldehyde formed from the partial oxidation of the hydrocarbon pentane is: A) pentene B) pentanol C) pentenal D) pentanalDAldehydes contain the general formula ___ and the functional group ___. A) CO- , R-CO B) R-CHO, CHO C) R-CO, CO- D) CHO, R-CHOBThe neutralization product of formaldehyde by ammonium is ____ A) methanal B) urotropine C) methanol D) ammoniaAFormaldehyde has the line formula ___ and is a ___ A) HCHO, monoaldehyde B) CH2O, monoaldehyde C) HCHO, dialdehyde D) CH2O, aromatic aldehydeAThe name of the ketone formed from the originating hydrocarbon ___ would be ___ and is the simplest ketone A) butane, butanone B) propane, propanone C) pentane, pentanone D) ethane, ethanoneBKetones are prepared by the partial oxidation of primary alcohols A) True B) FalseBIf a C=O group is placed at the end of the carbon chain, a(n) ___ is formed. A) ketone B) aldehydeBThe sweet smelling breath of diabetics who experience a state of acidosis would not be due to the accumulation of which of the following? A) acetone B) dimethyl ketone C) pentanone D) propanoneCPropanal and dimethyl ketone are ___ of one another since they have the same molecular formula C3H6O but different structural formulas. A) isotopes B) allotropes C) polymers D) isomersDVinegar is actually dilute ___ acid A) amino B) methanoic C) formic D) ethanoicDMethanoic acid / formic acid is the strongest ___ acid A) amino B) biological C) fatty D) aceticCWhen a hydrocarbon that lost a hydrogen atom replaces it with a carboxyl group, a(n) ___ results A) lipid B) organic acid C) neutralization D) carbohydrateBFormic acid is prepared by the ___ oxidation of an aldehyde A) partial B) fullAOrganic acids are given common names based on their source, rather than their chemical structure A) true B) falseAOil of wintergreen is excellent for use in the embalming process as an odor neutralizer A) true B) falseBbis(chloromethyl) ether is a carcinogen produced by the reaction between formaldehyde and ___ A) dimethyl ether B) bleach C) methyl salicylate D) dimethyl ketoneBAn ester is considered to be an organic ___ and is produced via a reaction known as ___ A) salt, acidification B) base, neutralization C) salt, esterification D) acid. esterificationCThe general formula for an ether is ___, while the general formula for an ester is ___ A) O, COO B) R-O-R, R-COO-R C) R-O, R-COO D) HO-R, R-COB___ + ___ produce ester +water A) organic acid, alcohol B) formaldehyde, ammonia C) benzaldehyde, alcohol D) organic acid, ketoneAA nitrogen-containing compound formed in the human liver as a waste product of protein metabolism is ___ A) mercaptan B) carboxylic acid C) thiol D) ureaDWhich of the following does NOT apply to quaternary ammonium compounds? A) Work well with the wetting agents and coloring material used in arterial fluids B) Are restricted to use in disinfecting the nasal and oral cavities and skin C) Are incorporated in embalming fluids as supplementary germicides D) Are commonly found in cleaning agents used to mold-proof remainsAAmines are important because they are constituents of ___ A) formic acid B) carboxylic acids C) proteins D) aromatic aldehydesCThioalcohols are ___ analogs of alcohol A) sodium B) sulfur C) ptomaine D) ammoniumBA secondary amine contains 2 atoms of nitrogen A) true B) falseBWhat compound is vinegar a 3-6% dilution of? A) methanoic acid B) ethyl acetate C) carbolic acid D) acetic acid E) dimethyl ketoneDWhat can be classified as sulfur analogs of alcohols? A) organic alcohols B) mercaptans C) surfactants D) amides E) sulfonamidesBWhat class of organic compounds is prepared by the partial oxidation of secondary alcohols? A) alcohols B) aldehydes C) ketones D) organic acids E) estersCWhat compound imparts a yellow color to the deceased when used as an embalming agent? A) glyoxal B) glycol C) glutaraldehyde D) paraldehyde E) paraformaldehydeAWhat is the polymer of methanal? A) methanoic acid B) paraldehyde C) paraform D) methanol E) methaneCWhat are the final products of decomposition? A) ptomaines B) thioalcohols C) amides D) amines E) ammoniaBWhat is an organic derivative of ammonia where one or more of the three hydrogens of ammonia are replaced with an alkyl group? A) amide B) utropin C) amine D) ammonium saltCAcetone is the result of the partial oxidation of what compound? A) acetic acid B) secondary alcohol C) acetaldehyde D) isopropyl alcoholDWhat is the simplest dialdehyde? A) Acetaldehyde B) glycol C) glyoxal D) benzaldehydeCWhat is paraform's use? A) drying agent for solid autopsy compounds B) wetting agent for solid autopsy compounds C) preservative for solid autopsy compounds D) disinfectant for solid autopsy compoundsCWhat is imitation almond extract? A) ethyl acetate B) methyl salicylate C) methyl benzene D) benzaldehyde E) sorbitolDWhat is the strongest fatty acid? A) formic acid B) saturated fatty acid C) acetic acid D) amino acid E) monocarboxylic acidAWhat is 100% methanoic acid known as? A) vinegar B) glacial acid C) acetic acid D) amino acid E) formic acidEWhat are the organic equivalent of a base? A) alcohols B) amines C) amidesBWhen amines react with acids in solution they form what type of compound? A) mercaptans B) ammonium salts C) ammonia D) esters E) carboxylic acids F) QUATSBThe neutralization of an organic acid by an alcohol will yield what class of compound? A) amide B) lipid C) ether D) amino acid E) esterEAll of the following apply for dimethyl ketone EXCEPT A) soluble in alcohol B) nail polish remover C) solvent for lacquers D) simplest ketone E) derived from the oxidation of isopropyl alcoholAWhat is the simplest aromatic aldehyde? A) methyl aldehyde B) cycloaldehyde C) methyl benzene D) benzaldehyde E) oil of wintergreenDEthyl alcohol + acetic acid -> ___ + water A) acetaldehyde B) ethyl acetate C) ethanoic acid D) ethyl ether E) acetic alcoholBWhat compound results when a tertiary amine reacts with an alkyl halide? A) qauternary ammonium salt B) alkyl amine C) tertiary halide D) halogen E) tertiary amideAWhat is an organic acid's functional group made up of? A) carboxyl group B) carbonyl group C) hydroxyl group D) carboxylic groupB and CWhat will readily oxidize to formic acid? A) acetaldehyde B) ethanal C) methanol D) methanal E) ethanolDWhat aldehyde is used as perfuming and flavoring agent? A) benzaldehyde B) methanal C) ethanal D) oil of wintergreen E) glyoxalA___ is also known as acetaldehyde. A) methanal B) propanal C) ethanal D) dialdehydeC___ neutralizes formaldehyde to form urotropine A) methanol B) methanal C) HCHO D) ammoniaDAn element that has an atomic number of 2 and an atomic weight of 4 will have ___ neutrons and a valence of ___ A) 6 / +2 B) 6 / -2 C) 2 / +2 D) 2 / -2 E) 2 / 0EIn the equation CuO + H2 -> Cu + H2O, what is the oxidizing agent? A) CuO B) H2 C) Cu D) H2OAThe noble gasses are known as salt formers because they combine with many metals to form a great number of salts A) true B) falseBThe atomic number indicates the number of protons found in an atom A) true B) falseAH(ClO3) is named A) hydrogen chlorate B) chlorous acid C) hydrogen chlorite D) chloric acid E) hydrochloric acid F) hydrochlorous acid G) hydrogen hypochloriteDSmoke is an example of a crystalloid A) true B) falseBWhat is defined as the amount of a substance that will dissolve in a specified amount of solvent at a definite temperature? A) solvation B) concentration C) solubility D) osmosisCIn a carbohydrate, carbon and hydrogen are always found in a 2:1 ratio A) true B) falseBThe products of the plant phase reaction are C6H12O6 and ___ A) carbon dioxide B) ammonia C) glucose D) oxygenD___ sugars are those derived from compounds containing a C=O group A) hexose B) aldose C) ketose D) alcoholCHuman blood sugar is a monosaccharide known as ___ A) dextrose B) galactose C) glycogen D) fructoseAPlace the following carbohydrates in size order, from smallest to largest A) Glycogen B) Glucose C) SucroseB, C, AThe process of mixing two immiscible liquids is called: A) saponification B) saturation C) hydrolysis D) emulsificationDEach molecule of fat may be hydrolyzed to yield one ___ and three ___ A) fatty acid, glycerols B) triglyceride, monoglycerides C) glycerol, fatty acids D) glycerol, glycerinCAll lipids contain the elements carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen A) true B) falseBWhich of the following is NOT a characteristic of fats? A) food supply B) emulsifier C) vitamin carriers D) energy storageB___ fats contain 2 or more pairs of carbon atoms linked by double bonds A) polysaturated B) unsaturated C) saturated D) disaturatedA___ are esters of fatty acids and high molecular weight alcohols A) oils B) waxes C) glycolipids D) terpenesBThe white waxy material known as adipocere is produced as body fats react with ___ substances surrounding the grave A) alkaline B) acidic C) neutral D) saltyALipids that yield a fatty acid, an alcohol, phosphoric acid, and a nitrogen compound when hydrolyzed are known as ___ A) sphingolipids B) waxes C) phospholipids D) glycolipidsCThe salts produced in a reaction between a fat and a strong base are commonly called ___ A) triglycerides B) soaps C) glycogens D) emulsifying agentsBThe endproducts of oxidation of an oil are ___, ___, and energy A) glycerol, fatty acids B) fatty acids, water C) carbon dioxide, water D) glycerol, soapCThe most abundant steroid in the body is cholesterol A) true B) falseAThe most common ingredient in terpene cleaners is D- limonene, a derivative of A) carnauba wax B) turpentine C) orange peels D) lanolinCTerpenes are compounds made up of repeating ___ units A) adipocere B) isoprene C) glycolipids D) formaldehydeBA hormone that functions to increase glucose and glycogen concentration in the human body is ___ A) testosterone B) estrogen C) cortisol D) progesteroneCThe anticancer medication, taxol, is classified as a ___ A) terpene B) steroid C) cortisol D) saltAThe alkyl group formed when a hydrogen is removed from C3H8 is a ___ radical A) methyl B) ethyl C) butyl D) propylD___ compounds are usually flammable A) organic B) inorganicAThe functional group -CHO is found in ____ A) ketones B) aldehydes C) alcohols D) all carbon compoundsBThe element with a combining capacity of 2 is ___ A) nitrogen B) carbon C) hydrogen D) oxygenDThe maximum number of bonds that can be used to connect 2 carbon atoms is A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4CWhen the alkane hexane loses a hydrogen atom, it forms the alkyl group/radical with the formula A) C7H15 B) C6H13 C) C6H14 D) C7H16BAll isomers are in the same class (ex. ketones) A) true B) falseBWhen benzene's carbons lose a hydrogen, the ___ is formed A) methyl radical B) aliphatic chain C) phenyl radical D) methyl radicalCWhich of the following is NOT a term that refers to benzene? A) aromatic nucleus B) 5-carbon ring C) carbocyclic D) simplest aromatic hydrocarbonBAn organic compound with 7 carbons in it will be a ___ A) solid B) liquid C) gas D) plasmaBIn a neutralization reaction, organic acid and alcohol produce ___ and water A) ether B) acid C) ester D) baseC___ is the trihydroxy alcohol that can be used for embalming purposes as a humectant A) glycol B) glycerol C) glycogen D) glucolBWhich is NOT a correct function of phenol? A) fungicide B) oxidizing agent C) drying agent D) bleaching agentB