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Boston, the largest the American city in 1740, owed its success mostly to
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In Virginia, colonial government consisted of a governor, his council, and representatives knows asHouse of BurgessesWhich of the following is true of the Puritans??They wanted to to establish a hierarchy of bishops and priest.The most important agent transmitting European secular culture in Spanish America and Brazil was theCatholic ChurchAn encomienda was alicense to extract labor and tributeWhich form of compulsory labor was peculiar to the English colonies in the Americas?Indentured servantsThe council of the Indies was created in Spain in 1524 in response tothe independent power of the conquistadoresThe most influential defender of Amerindians in the early colonial period wasBartolome de las casasIn New England colonies indentured servants and slaves were presentin small numbersThe ____ were persecuted religious minority who founded PennsylvaniaquakersThe French and the Indian War resulted inthe French losing Canada to the English and the French losing Louisiana to SpainThe leaders of French expansion, the coureurs de bois, werefrenchmen living among the nativesWith in 15 years of its settlement, the colony at Jamestown lost___of its population80%The new French constitutiondramatically limited the power of the monarchyHaving a weak constitutional tradition in Latin America resulted infew dictatorshipsThe central objective of the Congress of Vienna wasto restore the French monarchy and France's 1792 bordersThe Mexican revolutionaries Jose Maria Morelos and Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla werepriestsThe Paraguayan War helped end slavery in Brazil because large numbers of slavesjoined the Brazilian army in exchange for freedomSimon Bolivar created Gran Colombia, which was to unifyVenezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador into one nation.Which of the following statements is true of the French Revolution?It did not create an enduring form of representative democracyWomen were instrumental to the dissemination of new political ideas bypurchasing and discussing books of the era, bringing together thinkers in their homes or salons, contributing as writers and commentators (all of these)Latin American revolutions were initially triggered byNapoleon's invasion of Spain and PortugalThe Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774 were intended tokeep colonists from provoking wars with indians by taking land