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  1. Arch
  2. Column
  3. Square Set Timbering
  4. Cable Stay Bridge
  5. Stress
  1. a a tall cylindrical vertical upright and used to support a structure
  2. b form an arch or curve
  3. c force that produces strain on a physical body
  4. d a structure build entirely of cubes
  5. e is where a cables help support the weight of the structure

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  1. the weight of the structure itself
  2. a projecting beam that is attached to a building at one end, but suspended in the air at the other
  3. truss where the angle of the triangles are facing one way toward the center and the other side of the bridge facing the opposite side
  4. they are creating and equal lateral triangles
  5. the distance or interval between two points

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  1. Load BearingWall that bears a load resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure.


  2. Trussa triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)


  3. I Beama steel beam in the shape of an I


  4. Tensionact of twisting; stress due to twisting forces exerted on a body


  5. Dynamic vs Static Loada layered structure


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