Failure to take what Canadian city forced American troops to return to New York and ended the idea of making Canada the fourteenth colony?
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The capture of what fort on Lake Champlain gave the patriots control of the northern approach to the colonies and needed artillery?Fort TiconderogaWho was the British commander in Virginia when Cornwallis arrived?General Benedict ArnoldWhich battle marked the end of major military action in the War for American Independence?Siege of YorktownIn the New York Campaign, British forces were able to make advances on American troops because this important point had not been guarded or fortified:Jamaica PassWhich of the following was NOT on the "Committee of Five"?Samuel AdamsWhat was the most important revision made to Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence?the passage that condemned slaveryWhat Christmastime victory gave Washington's troops a needed morale boost in late 1776?Battle of TrentonThe threat by British General Patrick Ferguson to "march his army over the mountains... and lay their country waste with fire and sword" and the Waxhaw Massacre inspired the previously neutral _______________ Men to join in the Patriot cause.Over-MountainWho was selected to prepare the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?Thomas JeffersonHow many American colonists possibly read Common Sense or had it read to them?2.5 millionWhat work by Thomas Paine did General Washington have read to his troops before the Battle of Trenton?The American CrisisWhich of the following was NOT an American representative in the treaty negotiations with Great Britain following the War for American Independence?Thomas JeffersonWhat southern port city was lost to the British in 1778 and served as a base for British operations in the Carolinas?SavannahWhat trusted American general turned traitor by planning to turn West Point over to the British?General Benedict ArnoldJefferson's A Summary View of the Rights of British Americaargued that the only connection that had ever existed between the colonies and the mother country was through the kingWho was the hero of Saratoga that was commander of the Patriot forces at the Battle of Camden?General Horatio GatesIn which colonial city did the Second Continental Congress meet?PhiladelphiaThe 1767 acts that placed taxes on some common goods imported from England were theTownshend ActsWhat was the last attempt by Congress to appeal to the King to intercede with Parliament on their behalf?The Olive Branch PetitionThomas Paine's pamphlet, "Common Sense"made a powerful case for independence