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PseudocoelomateAn animal whose body cavity is not completely lined by mesodermCephalizationConcentration of sense organs and nerve cells at the anterior end of an animalAnteriorfront endPosteriorback endDegeneration of body systemloss or reduction in sizeGangliaCollections of nerve cell bodiesScolexthe anterior end of a tapeworm, bearing suckers and hooks for attachment.Pharynxmuscular tube near the mouth on a tapewormhermaphroditean organism that has both male and female reproductive organsbilateral symmetryBody plan in which only a single, imaginary line can divide the body into two equal halves.NematodaPhylum of roundwormsAnnelidaphylum of segmented wormsProtostomiaa clade of bilaterally symmetrical animals in which the first opening of the blastula becomes the mouthDeuterostomesAnus develops near blastopore Echinodermata, Chordata, Radial cleavage Daughter cells sit on top of previous cells. Mouth develops last.Dorsalpertaining to the backVentralToward the belly