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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1974. Its mission is to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement, and effective policy advocacy to change laws regarding firearm ownership. Which type of product best describes the CSGV?
Kamala is the owner of a landscaping company and is considering the purchase of a new skid-steer loader. She's evaluating different brands and models to determine the relative value of each model as well as the benefits they offer. Which of the following would not be considered a customer benefit as part of her determination of the product's value?
The marketing environment forces change dramatically and quickly, and a change in one force is likely to affect the other forces.The marketing environment forces can have a profound effect on marketing activities. Which statement best describes these forces?the marketing environmentIn April 2015, the restaurant chain Chipotle announced it would stop using genetically modified food products. "This is another step toward the visions we have of changing the way people think about and eat fast food," said Steve Ells, founder and former co-CEO of Chipotle. This decision indicates a response to concerns about _______.Production orientationWhich business orientation best characterizes the period of time when businesses began utilizing technology and production techniques, such as assembly lines, to manufacture products in a more efficient manner?MarketCaterpillar, Inc., a manufacturer of heavy construction and mining equipment, works with its dealer network to conduct extensive consumer research, including customer satisfaction studies, focus group interviews regarding new products, and listening to customer opinions through social media outlets. Which orientation is Caterpillar most likely utilizing?The marketing concept is a managerial philosophy guiding all aspects of an organization's business.Which of the following statements is true regarding the marketing concept?creating long-term relationships with profitable customersThe key objective of customer relationship management (CRM) is _______.Keeping customers for a longer period of time, enhancing the profitability of existing customers, and acquiring new customersWhich of the following are the three primary ways firms can achieve profits through managing customer relationships?buying behaviorManaging customer relationships requires identifying patterns of _______ and then using that information to focus on the most promising and profitable marketingWhen organizations pursue initiatives to improve their ability to make a positive impact on society and the natural environment, they are engaging in marketWalmart has embraced sustainability practices to enhance its relationships with customers and to support or enhance the natural environment. For example, in 2005, Walmart started using LED lights in refrigerator and freezer cases. These lights offer many benefits, such as using 70 percent less energy than fluorescent tube lights and generating significantly less heat. The switch also led to improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Based on this information, it seems that Walmart is engaging in _______.Environmental scanningTamika Smith is a marketing research analyst for Walgreens based in Chicago, Illinois, and part of her job is to gather and analyze information about the product and pricing strategies of competing companies like CVS and Target and to monitor trends regarding which products might be popular in different areas of the United States or particular neighborhoods within a state. What type of activity is Tamika engaged in for her job as a research analyst?environmental scanningMajor automobile brands such as Ford, Toyota, GM, and Honda are interested in consumers' interest in "smart" technology in new automobiles. GM recently studied consumers' interest in buying self-driving vehicles. The automobile brands must stay abreast of changing technology as well as consumer trends regarding the use of technology. The automobile company's collection of this type of information is referred to as _______.ProactiveRecently, consumers have grown more concerned about the ingredients and composition of food products, especially about genetically modified organisms (GMO). Many consumer products companies, such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, PepsiCo, Hershey's, and Hormel have contributed funds to lobbyists and political organizations to oppose legislation requiring the labeling of GMO ingredients in food products. The actions of these companies in opposing legislation that could impact these companies is an example of a(n) _______ approach in response to legislative action, which is an environmental force.ProductWhile Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are brand competitors, they must also realize that their target customers have other alternatives for quenching their thirst, such as juice, water, sports drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages. Therefore, they face _______ competition from companies who compete in the same product class but market products with different features, benefits, and prices.genericToday's customer who enjoys music has a range of options to consider such as streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, or Pandora; traditional music purchases such as CDs or vinyl; or MP3 downloads from various sources. These companies represent _______ competition because they provide very different products that solve the same problem or satisfy the same basic customer budgetMost consumers make trade-off decisions when making their trips to the grocery store to purchase food, paper products, and health and beauty products. Thus, products such as Wonder Bread, Diet Coke, Bounty paper towels, Tide laundry detergent, and Head & Shoulders shampoo would represent _______ competitors.RecessionWhich stage of the business cycle is characterized by declining levels of buying power?Disposable income is a ready source of buying power.Which of the following statements is true about why disposable income is important to marketers?Movie ticketsIf you have made a purchase using your discretionary income, you have likely paid for which of the following?politicalUber and Lyft spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbyists to communicate to elected officials the importance of the ride-sharing bill. The bill sought to allow ride-sharing apps outside of New York City. Employing lobbyists is an attempt to influence which aspect of the marketing environment?Sherman Antitrust ActRecently, the federal government of the United States began investigating major airline companies such as Delta, American Airlines, and Swissair for possible price fixing allegations. If the airlines are found to be engaged in price fixing, which law could they be charged with violating?Robinson-Patman ActHoliday Computer Associates was recently fined for violating the _______ due to its practice of charging different prices to different customers without any justification.technological assessmentEnterprise Rent-A-Car is considering the implementation of new technology, which would enable a business traveler to bypass the automobile rental counter and select their rental car using their smartphone and a proprietary application, which stores the customer's driver's license number, credit card information, and customer contact information. The company is engaging in _______ to determine the viability of the adoption of the new technology and whether the benefits outweigh the costs associated with the development and product launch.reachThe broad nature of technology as it moves through society is referred to as _______.socioculturalMothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit group that advocates safe driving practices and hopes to prevent driving after consuming alcoholic beverages. The group attempts to influence those who might drink and drive through a designated driver campaign and efforts directed toward bar and restaurant owners/managers to encourage responsible drinking. MADD's campaign to change drinking and driving behavior represents a _______ force.obey laws and regulationsAs a firm fulfills its basic economic responsibilities, it must simultaneously _____.cause related marketingIf Starbucks were to donate 5 percent of every coffee purchase to shelters for victims of domestic abuse for one month, this would be an example of ____.consumerismVani Hari is a popular blogger who started in 2011 to share her knowledge of healthy eating with her friends and family and encourage people to eat whole foods. Her popularity expanded, and she is now an advocate against and vocal opponent of companies who include dangerous ingredients in their foods, such as artificial food dyes. Her efforts, combined with an online petition, led to Kraft Foods removing all artificial food dyes from its macaroni and cheese products by 2016. Vani Hari's blog and her efforts to encourage change among food manufacturers such as Kraft is an example of of conductsFormalized rules and standards that describe what a company expects of its employees are called ______.conform to industry and societal norms of ethical conductEthical standards for a company should _______.the purchase is made by household members who intend to consume the productAll the following are true about business markets, except not; Do-yun does not have the authority to purchaseDo-yun has just joined a law firm as its purchasing agent for all supplies, equipment, and service contracts. In his previous position at another company, Do-yun could make decisions for any purchase up to $1 million; however, at the new law firm, he can only make decisions for purchases less than $500,000. Recently, Do-yun has been working with a sales representative from a computer software firm on a contract for a new program to process the firm's billing statements. Do-yun signs the contract, even though it is for $950,000. In this case, Do-yun _______ part of the market for the software because _______.Step 1: Identify the appropriate targeting strategyYour marketing team is currently working through the target market selection process to identify which customers your firm will target with a new technology product being developed. You are currently in the process step where you must consider the target market characteristics, the product attributes, and the firm's objectives and resources. Which of the five steps in the target market selection process are you currently working on?undifferentiatedFrench's brand, makers of the famous, yellow-packaged mustard, view all mustard consumers as very similar and utilizes only one marketing mix. French's brand uses a(n) _______ targeting strategy.Firms can develop a special marketing mix for a single market segment.Which of the following is an advantage of using a concentrated targeting strategy?differentiatedThe Cannon Mills Company markets towels and linens using the brand name Fieldcrest. Fieldcrest is sold at a variety of retail outlets, including Macy's, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The Cannon Mills Company offers a variety of models of Fieldcrest products to appeal to customers who are interested in owning the "best" products, those that are "good" and those that are in between. For example, at Macy's, the Fieldcrest Luxury bath towels sell for $15, Bed Bath & Beyond sells the Fieldcrest Resort towels for $12 each, and Target sells the Fieldcrest Home towels for $8 each. Cannon Mills Company is most likely using a(n) _______ targeting strategy.homogeneous; undifferentiatedThe Domino brand is a leading manufacturer of sugar and is part of the ASR Group, the world's largest refiner of cane sugar. Sugar is a staple product that most people keep on hand in their pantry for everyday use as a sweetener or baking ingredient. Domino believes its market is _______, where individuals have similar needs for the product and therefore utilizes a(n) _______ targeting strategy because they can incorporate a single marketing mix and direct it at the entire market for their sugar products.differentiatedCrayola sells packages of crayons in 15- and 64-count packages as well as an 800-count "Classpack" geared towards schools and organizations. The company also sells colored pencils, markers, paints, and modeling clay. Crayola uses a(n) _______ targeting strategy.behavioristic; geographicBillabong was founded in Australia by surfer and surfboard shaper Gordon Merchant in the 1970s. Today, the brand has a strong presence and is known as a lifestyle brand for board-sports, including skate, snow, and wake. Billabong has company-owned specialty stores located throughout the United States and plans to open additional outlets in the future. Billabong also markets its clothing and equipment through its website and catalog. Billabong would most likely use _______ variables as a segmentation base for its online and catalog sales but would benefit most from _______ segmentation to determine the locations for future company-owned stores.behavioristicVerizon Wireless uses a segmentation strategy for its mobile phone and data packages based on market characteristics such as the number of devices, amount of download capacity, and volume of minutes or text messages. Based on these variables, Verizon Wireless is using _______ variables for segmentation.demographicGreenview Landscaping provides full-service landscaping services for new construction and established homes. Greenview typically caters to individuals who are married, have two income earners in the family, and have annual incomes of more than $200,000. Greenview Landscaping is using _______ variables to segment its market.motivesPersonal appearance, affiliation, status, safety, and health are examples of _______ affecting the types of products purchased and the choice of stores in which they are bought. They reflect the reasons consumers use when making a purchase.type of organizationCanon Business Systems specializes in office automation services, photocopiers, and printers and employs many sales representatives to market its products. Typically, sales representatives are provided with a territory and become specialists according to the type of customer most appropriate to them. Canon divides its market into categories, including professional services (accountants, lawyers, and consultants), health care (hospitals, physician offices, and dentists), K-12 education, higher education, corporate, and governmental. Canon is utilizing _______ segmentation for its business markets.a market segment profileShira is a product manager for Crest toothpaste and is working to craft a description of customers who would most likely fit the intended target market for Crest with Whitening toothpaste. Shira is including demographic characteristics, geographic factors, product benefits sought, lifestyles, and brand preferences in the description. Shira is completing sales potentialThe Buckle, based in Kearney, Nebraska, operates approximately 500 stores across the United States and is known for its denim which is designed to fit a wide variety of body shapes and style preferences for men and women. The Buckle has forecasted that it can sell 15 percent of all jeans or denim sold in the United States. This percentage represents The Buckle's _______ for denim.breakdownA company can utilize two different methods to determine its company sales potential. The _______ method begins with the marketing manager first developing a general economic forecast for a specific time specific target marketsL'Oréal markets several different product brands targeting specific groups of women for cosmetic and beauty aid purchases. The brand managers for each product line have completed competitive assessments and cost estimates and are now ready to segments that provide significant opportunities to achieve organizational objectivesThe final step in the target market selection process is to select specific target markets. When making decisions about which segments to select, a marketing manager should _______.executive judgmentWhen marketing managers utilize the _______ method of developing sales forecasts, intuition is heavily influenced by recent experience, and a manager may weigh recent sales booms or slumps higher and produce a less accurate forecast.regression analysisSherwin-Williams Company utilizes a sophisticated and mathematical approach to forecasting sales. They first utilize historical sales data, incorporating a 10-year history of sales for each product category, such as different brands of paint and supplies—brushes, ladders, tarps, and so on. Its sales forecasting manager uses Excel to perform _______, where sales is the dependent variable and a variety of other factors such as company size, annual purchases, and the number of years as a customer are the independent variables. The sales forecasting manager is then able to identify the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variables to determine an accurate sales forecast. What type of method is being used here?Buyer recognizes a discrepancy between a desired state and an actual conditionWhich of the following best characterizes the problem recognition stage of the buying decision process?considerationRayana enjoys cycling and is in the market for a new bicycle. She is fairly knowledgeable about bikes and knows most of the major brands, such as Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, and Giant, and will likely purchase one of these brands. These four brands are part of Rayana's _______ set.Cognitive dissonanceSalome recently purchased a Keurig coffee maker and thought she would really enjoy the variety of different K-cups for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. However, she is wondering whether she should have purchased an espresso machine instead of the Keurig. What phenomenon is Salome experiencing?situationalJayden and his partner just purchased their first home and are now shopping for a lawnmower. Ben does not really enjoy lawn care or gardening and views it as a chore, although he does enjoy spending time outside. His yard is small, and a standard upright model lawnmower will fulfill his needs. He has visited several stores to check out prices and has read reviews in online forums about different brands. The purchase of a lawnmower for Jayden is most likely influenced by _______ involvement.Routinized response behaviorWhich consumer decision making style would be most likely for an individual who is purchasing their usual brand of shampoo?a coffee maker; a home theater systemA recently married couple purchased a new home. Their purchase of _______ is classified as limited decision-making behavior, but they would use extended decision making to purchase _______.Mood and conditionJackson stops by the grocery store after work to purchase items for the week. He has a grocery list to help him stay on track but finds himself making lots of impulse purchases, placing items in his cart that he could consume immediately, like cookies and other snack foods. Jackson is hungry because he skipped lunch due to a meeting. Jackson's purchasing decision is influenced by which category of situational factors?social surroundingsJessie is out with a group of friends for dinner at a local restaurant and then a movie. While the service at the restaurant was slow and the food was just okay, Jessie still had a great time and left with a positive opinion of the restaurant experience. Jessie's experience was likely influenced by _______.the reason for purchaseQuinn needs to purchase a gift for a friend who just bought her first house. Quinn's favorite wine costs $5 at her local grocery store, but she feels like she should spend at least $12 on a bottle for her friend so she does not seem stingy. Quinn is likely influenced by _______.The time dimensionTeanna is at the shopping outlet on the day before her fiancée's birthday. She knows she should not have waited so long to purchase a gift for her, but she could not decide what to get her. Teanna searches several stores and does not see anything she really thinks her fiancée will love, but she needs to buy her something. She finally decides on a jersey from her fiancée's favorite sports team. Teanna is likely influenced by which situational influence?Motivation, lifestyles, learning, perception, attitudes, and personalityWhat are the primary psychological influences that partly determine people's general behavior and impact their behavior as consumers?selective exposureIndividuals do not pay attention to all sensory inputs and mostly unconsciously engage in _______ to determine which inputs are consciously recognized.selective retentionIndividuals receive various kinds of stimuli simultaneously throughout the day, and marketers try to break through the clutter with advertising and promotion. Selena is reviewing her Facebook updates and notices some advertisements for various products such as McDonald's coffee, Starbucks' new lunch menu, and an advertisement for Shutterfly. Later, Selena is out running errands and decides to stop somewhere for lunch. She remembers the ad for Starbucks and decides to try the new lunch items. Selena has engaged in _______.physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualizationAccording to a well-known psychologist, Abraham Maslow, individuals seek to satisfy five levels of needs from the most basic level to higher-order needs. These needs, in order from most basic to least basic, are _______.self-actualization needsBig Sky Media is a boutique advertising agency located in Billings, Montana, and places ads for interns and full-time career positions on Monster, CareerBuilder, and the local newspaper. Big Sky Media promotes its culture of lifelong learning, as well as enabling employees to reach their full potential and become all that they can become. Big Sky Media is appealing to potential employees for _______.consumer socializationMingzhu enjoys taking her daughter grocery shopping with her and often gives her daughter some items to find in the store. Mingzhu's daughter knows the brands that the family likes—for example, they like Coke versus Pepsi, Crest versus Colgate, and Cheer versus Tide. Mingzhu's daughter is engaged in the process of _______ through the shopping process.a reference groupBen is a double major pursuing degrees in both Finance and Marketing. He is interested in obtaining a position as a personal financial advisor after graduation and is interning with a global financial services company. During his internship, he observes that the most successful advisors wear white shirts, dress very conservatively, and read The Wall Street Journal to stay up to date with the latest business and world news. Ben starts to read The Wall Street Journal too and modifies his dress and grooming style to be more like the representatives he admires. Ben is influenced by _______.influencer; decider and buyerThe Martinez family is going on vacation in a few months. Their youngest son is very interested in sharks and wants to go to a beach where they could find shark teeth. Mr. Martinez has planned the whole vacation to a beach in North Carolina and booked the flights, rental car, and hotel. In this family, the youngest son plays the role of _______, while Mr. Martinez acts as _______.culture/subcultureSocial influences are forces that other people exert on buying behavior and are divided into seven major groups, including family, roles, digital, opinion leaders, reference groups, social class, and _______.consumer misbehaviorRental car companies keep records of customers on a "do not rent" list. Often, these are customers who have been rude or verbally abusive to employees. This is an example of managing _______.