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Chapter 3


Which scientist determined that cells come only from other cells?

Answer: Greater than that of a larger cell

The surface-area-to-valume ratio of a small cell is ?

meter (m)

In the metric system, a micrometer (um) is equal to 0.000001 (one millionth) of a ____?

receptor protein

A protein on the cell membrane that recognizes and binds to specific substances is called a(n) ___?

answer: increases

As a cell becomes smaller, its surface-area-to volume ratio ___?


Which of the following instruments produces highly magnified three-dimensional images of a cell's surface?

answer: produce ATP

In a eukaryotic cell, mitochondria _____?

answer: cell membrane

A cell's boundary is called the _______ ___________?

answer: cell wall

In a bacterium, the _____ ______ provides structure and support.

answer: transport proteins

_________ __________ in the cell membrane aid the movement of substances into and out of a cell.

answer: central vacoule

In plant cels, rigidity is provided by a large, membrane-bound sac called the ___ _____.

answer: nucleus pores

______ ______ allow certain substances to pass into and out of the nucleus of a cell.

answer: lysosomes

______ are vesicles that contain a cell's digestive enzymes.

answer: polar, non-polar

The "head: of a phospholipid is _______, so it is attracted to water, while the "tails" are ________, so they are repelled by water.

answer: 500

If a compound microscope has a 50x objective lens and a 10x ocular lens, a viewed image appears _____ times larger than its actual size.

cell membrane, cytoplasm, ribosomes, DNA.

All cells have a _____, _____, _____, _____.

lack a nucleus and membrane-bound organellas

Prokayrytic cells _____ and _____.

cell wall

Prokaryotes have _____, _____.


Prokaryotes have single loop of _____.


Prokaryotes contain _____.


Some Prokaryotes have _____.


Some prokaryotes have _____.


Some prokaryotes have _____.

True nucleus


Hydrophilic (water loving)

the phosphate head is attracted to water and is called _____.

Hydrophobic (water fearing)

The lipid tails are repelled by water and are termed _____.

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