Chapter 16: Control

The purpose of a _______ _________ is to help the process owner and business team track and respond to key performance indicators so that the process remains improved.
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List of process steps where control action is required
Date the plan was created
Name of person who created the plan
Company, division, or department name
Name of person who last edited the plan
Date of last edit
Project/process name or identifier
Process owner
CTQ or metric associated with each action required
Limit specifications, or acceptable range of measurements
Unit of measurement
Method of measurement
Necessary sample size
Frequency of measurement
Person responsible for measurement
Where information is recorded
Correction actions
Associated policy and procedure documents
Name some visual controls used for visual management.Signs, 5S, matrixes and instructions (our equivalent could be decision tree/matrix), auditing boards, color coding, and safety signalsName a few of the elements in a basic control chart.A line chart of data with plot points for specific data points • An x-bar line representing the average of the data points • Lines above and below the x-bar line representing 1, 2, and 3 standard deviations from the median in either direction • An upper control limit (UCL) line at 3 standard deviations above the median • A lower control limit (LCL) line at 3 standard deviations below the medianIt's important to note the distinction between a controlled process and one that is capable of meeting customer requirements. We touched on this concept in unit 1: controlled processes don't have a lot of variation. Capable processes don't have a lot of variation and the around a customer requirementWhat sigma level is the minimal level at which customers will be satisfied?4Cpk denotes what?Process capabilityMany organizations aim for a process capability of __ with minimal acceptance process capability at ___.2, 1.5At the end of the control phase, the Six Sigma team should celebrate and reflect. As a part of reflection, the team should also ______________________brainstorm ideas for next steps/future projects.