Review 3

Determine the clients desires and expectations
Define what a client consultation is?
Ammonium Thioglycolate
The main ingredient in acid-balanced waving lotions is:
Little or no elasicity
If hair breaks under very light strain, it is said to have?
Name the bond that is formed between 2 cystine amino acids located on neighboring chains:
In permanent waving, when hair has assumed the desired shape, the broken disulfide bonds must be reformed how?
Wet set
Give an example of a physical change that results from breaking and reforming the hydrogen bonds within the hair?
On base placement
What will result in a subsection of hair being wrapped at an angle 45 degrees beyond perpendicular to its base section?
Half-off base placement
What will result in a subsection of hair being wrapped at a 90 degree angle to base?
It will be too weak to hold a firm curl
What happens to the hair if too many disulfide bonds are broken in the permanent waving process?
5 to ten
After the permanent waving lotion has penetrated the hair, most of the processing will take place within how many minuets?
Rebuilds disulfide bonds
Describe what neutralization does in the perming process?
In neutralization, the bonds in the hair will reform how fast?
One end wrap on top of hair, held flat
Explain what a single flat wrap is?
one paper is folded in half over the hair ends
Explain what a book end is?
preliminary test curl
When giving a perm, what is used to determine the actual processingtime needed to achieve optimum curl results usually on a first time customer?