HR Test 1

1-1 What is human resource management as per the chapter?
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business necessity and job relatedness - practices in business that are essential to safe and efficient organizational operations
bona fide occupational qualification - provides a legitimate reason an employer can use to exclude persons on otherwise illegal bases of consideration
burden of proof - individuals that file suit against employers must prove to establish that illegal discrimination has occurred
nonretaliatory practices - when employers take punitive actions against individuals who exercise their legal rights
if someone were to say the business discriminated against them they could better protect themselves by showing they were following these EEO concepts.
skill variety - the extent to which the work requires several activities for successful completion
task identity - the extent to which the job includes a recognizable unit of work that is carried out from start to finish and results in a known consequence
task significance - impact the job has on other people and the organization as a whole
autonomy - the extent of individual freedom and discretion in the work and its scheduling
feedback - the amount of information employees receive about how well or how poorly they have performed
They are important because, "motivation, performance, and satisfaction can be influenced by the level of each job characteristic."
Take care of employee concerns by eliminating employee fears of possible displacement and concerns about job flexibility by Involving employees in the process.
plan the job analysis, prepare for and introduce the job analysis, conduct the job analysis, develop job descriptions and job specifications, and finally maintain and update job descriptions and job specifications.
7-1 Person/Environment fit is a summary of the considerations for efficiently matching both employees and the organization during the selection process. In your own words, describe Figure 7.1 wearing your HR managerial hat (consider all elements).A macro/organizational fit requires a congruence in values and culture that match the corporation. A meso/group fit requires interpersonal and team skills that jive with the corporation. A micro/job fit involves knowledge, skills, abilities, and motivation that follow the corporation.4-2 Discuss the legal considerations in selection as per the chapter. What role does the job analysis (discussed widely in chapter 4) play here?Legal considerations that must be made in selection as per the chapter is that anything done in the selection process must be job related and a business necessity. The job analysis role plays into the legal considerations in selection by defining what qualifications are needed for the job as well as the definition of selection criteria to protect the business from legal action based on discrimination of a protected class.