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Reader Ch 5; Failed States

Rotberg (Failed States in World of Terror)

Failed States are characterized by poor govt & corrupt leaders who can no longer provide citizens w/ military, social, or economic services or maintain public order.
Solns: requires outsiders to setup these necessities until stable

Weinstein (Africa's Revolutionary Deficit)

In order to prevent failed states, internatl community needs to make rebellion/civil war more costly

Kaplan (Coming Anarchy)

Predicts a future of giant cities bc of increased failed states and decline of nation-states

Lacey (UN Troops Fight Haiti's Gangs 1 Battered St at a Time)

Haiti requires external efforts to prevent failure bc there is inadequate justice system and funding to deal w/ gangs

McCarthy (10th Circle)

Terrible lifestyle in post-collapsed Baghdad includes regular car bombings, hindrance of public prayer, schools are not safe, etc

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