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  1. Osteoblasts
  2. Osteogenic cells
  3. Circumduction
  4. Abduction
  5. Dislocation
  1. a movement away from midline of the body
  2. b unspecialized stem cells that can divide to produce new cells
  3. c bone building cells
  4. d movement of the distal end of a body part in a circle (in a cone)
  5. e displacement of a bone from a joint with tearing of ligaments, tendons, and articular capsules

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  1. contains few spaces and is the strongest form of bone tissue, makes up the bulk of the diaphyses of long bones
  2. Minerals found in the body
  3. Tough connection tissue membrane that covers the bone, responsible for bone growth.
  4. held together by dense connective tissue, no synovial cavity. Holds bones together and allows little to no movement.
  5. mature bone cells, the most numerous cells in osseous tissue and maintain its daily metabolism

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  1. ExtensionAn increase in the angle between two bones


  2. Spongy Bone Tissuedoes not contain osteons. consists of lamellae that are arranged in an irregular lattice of this columns of bone.


  3. canaliculiallows osteocytes to communicate


  4. Opterator foramenAge related disorder characterized by decrease bone mass and increased susceptibility to fractures, often as a result in decreased levels of estrogens


  5. Effects of ExerciseStrengthens bones