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  1. Osteons
  2. Synovial Joints
  3. Effects of Exercise
  4. lacuna
  5. Periosteum
  1. a freely movable joints with a synovial cavity
  2. b Strengthens bones
  3. c where osteocytes reside
  4. d Tough connection tissue membrane that covers the bone, responsible for bone growth.
  5. e Structural unit of compact bone

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  1. An increase in the angle between two bones
  2. allows osteocytes to communicate
  3. movement in which there is a decrease in the angle between two bones
  4. hyaline cartilage attached to articular bone surfaces
  5. layer of osteons found in compact bone, cause the tree-like appearance of compact bone

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  1. Dislocationa bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis, just as pivot and ball-and-socket joints


  2. Epiphyseal LineIs crushed during strangulation


  3. Sprainforcible wrenching or twisting of a joint with partial rupture or other injury to its attachments without dislocation. disarticulation at a joint between ligaments.


  4. Cartilaginous Jointsthe bones are held together by cartilage, allows little to no movement.


  5. Circumductionmovement away from midline of the body