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  1. canaliculi
  2. Effects of Exercise
  3. Red Bone Marrow
  4. trabeculae
  5. Rotation
  1. a allows osteocytes to communicate
  2. b produces red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets by a process called hemopoiesis
  3. c Strengthens bones
  4. d a bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis, just as pivot and ball-and-socket joints
  5. e irregular lattice of thin plates of spongy bone tissue.

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  1. where osteocytes reside
  2. freely movable joints with a synovial cavity
  3. mature bone cells, the most numerous cells in osseous tissue and maintain its daily metabolism
  4. bone degrading cells
  5. Structural unit of compact bone

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  1. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, FluorideHematoma, granulation tissue, callus formation, ossification


  2. lamellaeirregular lattice of thin plates of spongy bone tissue.


  3. Abductionmovement away from midline of the body


  4. ExtensionAn increase in the angle between two bones


  5. Spraintendons or muscles