Academic Vocabulary --US History EOC--Progressive Era

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Laissez-fairePolicy that government should interfere as little as possible in the nation's economy.recall electiona special election called by voters to remove an elected official before his/her term expires.ReferendumA state-level method of direct legislation that gives voters a chance to approve or disapprove proposed legislation or a proposed constitutional amendment.Assimilationblending in with the new cultureEugenicsthe science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristicsNativismA policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born onesBusiness TacticsTasks performed to achieve the business objectivescoinage metalscopper, silver, goldCompany ProfitThe amount of net profit a company produces after expenses.conservationProtecting and preserving natural resources and the environmentreformto change for the betteradvocateto recommend; to speak in favor ofconsumer economyAn economy that depends on a large amount of spending by consumersSuffragethe right to voteMuckrakersJournalists who attempted to find corruption or wrongdoing in industries and expose it to the public

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