8th Grade History Chapter 14 Section 4

The Coming of the Civil War

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Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln spark the secession of southern states?
Southerners believed that Lincoln would make laws that would limit or abolish slavery.
What events led to the political divisions in the United States in 1860?
the Fugitive Slave Law, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott decision, John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry
adjustment; adaptation
to set apart; to separate
Which party split along regional lines?
the Democratic Party
Who were the candidates from each region?
North: Stephen Douglas; South: John Breckinridge
Why did the South and North choose separate candidates?
Neither felt it could trust a candidate from the other region.
Why did southern states secede after Lincoln's election?
They believed that Lincoln was opposed to slavery
Why did many southerners feel that they had no choice?
The election of a President hostile to their interests, which is how they saw Lincoln and the Republicans, persuaded them to take the ultimate step of secession.
Why did southern states secede from the Union?
Many southerners felt that with Lincoln's election, the South no longer had a voice in the national government
Why did the South decide to open fire on Fort Sumter?
Confederate leaders decided to capture the fort while it was isolated.
What was the cause of the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter?
The cause of the attack on Fort Sumter was because the Union fort was in Confederate territory and its commander refused to surrender.
What was the effects of the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter?
The effect of the attack on Fort Sumter was the fort surrendered and the Civil War began.
Why did the attack on Fort Sumter begin the war?
The attack on Fort Sumter was the beginning of the Civil War because it was the first time the Confederates fired on a Union fort.
a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country
civil war
How did divisions among the Democrats help lead to the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln in 1860?
Northern and southern Democratic candidates split the Democratic vote, which allowed Lincoln to win with a minority of the popular vote.
What was the South's reaction to Lincoln's election?
seven southern states seceded
How did Lincoln try to reassure the South?
Lincoln tried to assure the South of his good intentions
What were the effects of Lincoln's warning to the South?
The seceding states took over U.S. property; South Carolina cut off feed supplies to Fort Sumter; Lincoln sent food to the fort; Confederate artillery fired on the fort
What were the four presidential candidates in 1860?
Stephen Douglas, John Breckinridge, John Bell, Abraham Lincoln
What was the first state southern state to secede from the Union?
South Carolina
What was the new nation called that formed when seven states seceded from the Union?
the Confederate States of America
Who was named President of the Confederate States of America?
Mississippi Senator Jefferson Davis
Where the Southern leaders met to form the nation of the Confederate States of America?
Montgomery, Alabama
In his inaugural address, President Lincoln tried to make peace with the seceded states by promising not to interfere with?